Unveiling the Future: Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024

Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024

In the heart of India, a groundbreaking event is set to redefine the trajectory of the global mobility industry. The Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 stands as a testament to India’s commitment to becoming a leader in the automotive landscape. More than just an event, this expo is a visionary curtain raiser, showcasing the future of mobility and charting a course for tomorrow’s transport solutions.

Exploring the Possibilities: Future Vehicles and Cutting-Edge Technologies

The Bharat Mobility Global Expo is not merely a gathering; it’s a convergence of the entire mobility value chain. The exhibits and events featured will span across a myriad of domains, including vehicles of the future, cutting-edge technologies in automotive components, electric vehicle battery and charging technologies, alternate powertrains, and disruptive technologies like urban mobility solutions, connected, and autonomous vehicles.

India’s Automotive Dominance: A Global Hub for Manufacturers

India, a juggernaut in the automotive landscape, stands as one of the largest markets for vehicle manufacturers globally. From two-wheelers to heavy commercial vehicles, India consistently ranks among the world’s top four markets, making it an irresistibly attractive destination for manufacturing. With a strategic focus on becoming an export hub, India aims to increase its contribution to the world, with a projected share of vehicles being exported expected to reach 25% of all passenger vehicles produced in India by 2030. A parallel surge is anticipated in the export of two-wheelers, reaching around 30% by the same year.

India’s Role in Global Automotive Innovation: A Center of Capability

Beyond manufacturing, India is emerging as a key player in the automotive global capability center. The nation’s contributions extend to innovating automotive software, next-gen electronics, and industrial automation. This transformative wave is unlocking an era dominated by software-driven vehicles, paving the way for autonomous, connected, and digital mobility.

Driving Sustainability: A Harmonious Vision

Aligned with global environmental goals, the Government of India and the automotive industry are fostering a collective commitment to sustainability. The mobility sector’s focus on innovation encompasses areas such as new-age materials like composites and green steel, next-generation alternate powertrains, vehicle electrification, vehicle scrappage policy, GHG reduction technologies, and much more. The Bharat Mobility Expo is a pivotal force accelerating these sustainability practices, presenting a stage for collaboration and transformation in the automotive industry.

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