Passenger’s Shocking Photos Expose Issues with Air India Business Class

Passenger Slams Air India

A man slams Air India on social media (formerly Twitter) after a nightmarish business class experience.

Vineeth K, a frequent flyer, shared his ordeal on a recent flight from New Delhi to Newark, New Jersey. He criticized Air India for its high cost (Rs 500,000 for a return ticket) despite poor service.

“Horror story. After flying with Emirates for a few years, I recently switched to Air India as they offer direct flights to New York, Chicago and London which are my frequent destinations. Yesterday’s flight was nothing less than a nightmare. I booked business class (business travel). The seats were not clean, worn out and out of 35 seats, at least 5 were non-functional with 25 minutes delay in departure,” Vineeth K said on the microblogging platform.

He added that his seat could not be converted into a cot. Mr Vineeth then asked the crew and after a few minutes he was allotted another seat. He continues, “I woke up after a few hours, the food was served and it was undercooked (never experienced this before on AI), the fruit was stale (everyone on board was left out again). The TV/screen never worked. Not that I looked at it, I just tried it and it showed the error ‘Not Found.’” After all this, the final nail in the coffin is: MY LUGGAGE IS BROKEN,” the user explained.

Vineeth explained that he had also flown with Etihad Airlines at a much cheaper price, but chose Air India because of the direct connection. “BAD FOOD, WEAR AND TEAR, DIRTY SEAT COVERS, NON-WORKING TV for Rs 500,000 (round trip), my luggage was damaged,” he said alongside some photographs of the seat on the plane and the food served during the flight.

Vineeth also shared a screenshot of a now-deleted response he received from Air India. “Dear Sir, We apologize for the inconvenience caused and do not wish to cause any inconvenience to our passengers. Please text us your booking details, seat number and DBR/Filer reference number. We will take care of it immediately,” he said.

In the same thread X, the airline wrote: “Dear Sir, We understand your disappointment and are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Trust us, we don’t want to subject our passengers to such experiences. We will announce it internally for further review.

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