DIY Wizard Creates Self-Balancing “Screw Bike” That Moves Like No Other

Screw Bike James Bruton

Imagine an electric motorcycle that glides sideways, spins on a dime, and even cruises backwards – all while self-balancing effortlessly. Meet the Screw Bike, a brainchild of British YouTuber James Bruton, and one of the most bizarre yet fascinating electric vehicles you’ll ever see.

Bruton, a seasoned builder with a knack for unconventional projects, isn’t new to the world of self-balancing machines. He’s previously tackled self-stabilizing robots and even a sideways-wheeled electric bike. But the Screw Bike takes things to a whole new level.

How Does it Work?

The magic lies in the wheels. Unlike traditional motorcycle wheels, the Screw Bike utilizes four custom-made Mecanum wheels. These wheels have rollers set at diagonal angles, allowing the bike to move in any direction – forward, backward, sideways, or even diagonally. By controlling the speed and direction of each wheel, Bruton essentially created an electric vehicle with omnidirectional movement.

Building the Beast

Since commercially available Mecanum wheels weren’t an option (they were either too small or too expensive), Bruton went the DIY route. He 3D-printed many of the components and constructed massive 360-millimeter (14.2-inch) wheels specifically for the Screw Bike.

Taking it for a Spin

The final product is undeniably strange – a rigid frame with Mecanum wheels, handlebars, a seat, and a simple headlight. But beneath the unconventional exterior lies a marvel of engineering. The Screw Bike self-balances flawlessly, allowing riders to control movement by leaning like on a Segway. A twist throttle propels it forward, while a switch enables reverse. An additional control lets the rider spin the bike in place for a truly unique experience.

Bruton’s creation may not be practical for everyday commutes, lacking speed and suspension. However, it’s a testament to his ingenuity and a whole lot of fun. The open-sourced designs and code allow anyone with the skills to build their own Screw Bike, making this wacky electric marvel a potential DIY project for the adventurous.

Want to see the Screw Bike in action? Check out the video below!

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