Brixton Motorcycles Revs Up for Indian Debut: European Elegance Meets

Brixton Motorcycles

Austrian motorcycle marque Brixton Motorcycles is bringing its signature blend of classic design and modern performance to India. Partnering with KAW Veloce Motors (KVMPL) for manufacturing and distribution, Brixton is set to launch a curated range of motorcycles specifically tailored for Indian riders. This strategic move not only caters to the thriving Indian motorcycle market but also strengthens Brixton’s presence in Southeast Asia.

Four All-New Brixton Models Made in India

Motorcycle aficionados in India can expect four new Brixton models this year. Designed at the brand’s Austrian design center, these motorcycles will be built at a state-of-the-art facility in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, leveraging KAW Group’s extensive manufacturing expertise. This commitment to quality ensures riders get the best of both worlds – European design with Indian manufacturing prowess.

Beyond Manufacturing: A Hub for Innovation

The collaboration extends beyond manufacturing. Brixton and KVMPL plan to establish a dedicated research and development (R&D) center in India. This initiative has a two-fold purpose: firstly, to develop motorcycles specifically for the Indian market, catering to local preferences and riding conditions. Secondly, it aims to position India as a strategic export hub for Southeast Asian and African markets.

Building a Strong Dealer Network for Easy Access

Ensuring accessibility is key for Brixton. The brand plans to build a comprehensive dealer network across major Indian cities. With an ambitious rollout plan, Brixton expects to have 15 dealerships operational by the end of 2024, expanding to a robust network of 50 dealerships by the following year. This widespread network will ensure convenient access to Brixton motorcycles for riders across the country.

Thrilling Times Ahead for Indian Riders

Tushar Shelke, Managing Director at KVMPL, expressed his enthusiasm, hinting at exciting developments to come. “We are thrilled to bring this esteemed brand to the Indian motorcycling community,” said Shelke. This sentiment reflects Brixton’s commitment to exceeding expectations and setting new benchmarks in the Indian motorcycle industry.

A Diverse Appeal and a Strategic Launch

Brixton’s entry into India caters to a diverse range of riders, from new motorcyclists to seasoned enthusiasts seeking premium experiences. This strategic approach, coupled with an upcoming global launch of an ADV (Adventure) motorcycle, positions Brixton to uniquely capture the hearts of Indian motorcycle aficionados.

Engaging the Indian Market

To effectively connect with Indian consumers, Brixton will launch an extensive marketing campaign culminating in a festive brand launch later in 2024. This commitment to brand building ensures Indian riders are well-informed about Brixton’s arrival and the exciting experiences that await them.

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