Unveiling the Future: Honda’s 0 Series Electric Vehicles

In a groundbreaking move, Honda has set the stage for the automotive future with the world premiere of the “Honda 0 Series” at CES 2024. This new Electric Vehicle (EV) series, slated for a global launch in 2026, marks Honda’s commitment to a sustainable and electrified automotive landscape. Let’s delve into the key features and innovations that make the Honda 0 Series a game-changer in the world of electric mobility.

The Genesis: Honda’s Commitment and Vision

The Power of Dreams – How We Move You

Honda, a stalwart in the automotive industry, operates under the Global Brand Slogan: The Power of Dreams – How we move you. This ethos signifies Honda’s dedication to transcending constraints and pushing the boundaries of possibility in mobility. The unveiling of the Honda 0 Series aligns seamlessly with this vision, ushering in a new era of automotive excellence.

Honda Saloon

Carbon Neutrality by 2050

With a bold environmental commitment, Honda aims for carbon neutrality in all its products and corporate activities by 2050. As part of this initiative, the company plans to achieve a global sales ratio of 100% Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) by 2040.

The Honda 0 Series: A Paradigm Shift

Thin, Light, and Wise Approach

Honda adopts a revolutionary approach in the development of the 0 Series – Thin, Light, and Wise. This philosophy aims to redefine the conventional norms of EVs by focusing on three core principles:


The dedicated EV platform enables a low vehicle height, enhancing design potential and ensuring excellent aerodynamic performance. This design choice signifies a departure from the conventional “thick and heavy” EV stereotype.


Incorporating original Honda technologies, the 0 Series defies preconceived notions about EVs, delivering sporty driving and exceptional electricity efficiency performance. This emphasis on lightness contributes to a dynamic and efficient driving experience.


Honda leverages its accumulated knowledge to develop software-defined mobility products. The incorporation of intelligent technologies makes the 0 Series vehicles wiser, enhancing overall functionality and user experience.

Honda Saloon

Five Core Values

The Honda 0 Series revolves around five core values that define its essence:

  1. Artistic design that evokes resonance: Under the theme of “The Art of Resonance,” the design concept aims to create sustainable mobility products that resonate with the environment, society, and users.

  2. AD/ADAS for safety and peace of mind: Building on Honda’s Level 3 automated driving technology, the 0 Series features an advanced driver-assistive system (ADAS) for enhanced safety, paving the way for more affordable EVs with increased automated driving functions.

  3. A “space” enabled by IoT and connected technologies: Through Honda’s original vehicle OS, the 0 Series models offer a connected driving experience, utilizing AI and big data to personalize user preferences and provide real-time information.

  4. The joy of driving with oneness: Honda’s electrification and dynamics technologies ensure a harmonious driving experience, fostering a sense of oneness between the driver and the vehicle.

  5. Outstanding electricity efficiency performance: Leveraging Honda’s electrification expertise, the 0 Series prioritizes high electricity efficiency performance with features like e-Axles, lightweight battery packs, and fast-charging capabilities.

Honda Spacehub

The Roadmap: Global Launch in 2026

In 2026, Honda plans to introduce the first model of the Honda 0 Series globally, beginning in North America and subsequently expanding to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. This strategic global rollout underscores Honda’s commitment to bringing its cutting-edge EV technology to diverse markets.

Honda Spacehub

Concept Models: Saloon and Space-Hub

Saloon – Flagship Concept Model

The Saloon, embodying the “Thin, Light, and Wise” approach, serves as the flagship model of the Honda 0 Series. With a dedicated EV architecture, the Saloon combines sporty styling, a spacious interior, and cutting-edge human-machine interface (HMI) technology. Steer-by-wire and advanced motion management further enhance control, offering a driving experience that resonates with the driver’s sensibility.

Honda Spacehub

Space-Hub – Augmenting Daily Lives

Designed under the common language of the Honda 0 Series, the Space-Hub focuses on augmenting people’s daily lives. With a spacious cabin and excellent visibility, it acts as a versatile hub connecting individuals and fostering mutual resonance.

Honda Spacehub

New H Mark: Symbolizing Transformation

The introduction of a new “H mark” exclusively for the next-generation EV models represents Honda’s commitment to transformation and constant advancement. This symbolic design embodies Honda’s dedication to expanding the possibilities of mobility and serving the evolving needs of Honda EV users.

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