Yakuza Cyclone Sway: All You Need to Know About Range, Charging, and More

Yakuza Cyclone Sway

The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is witnessing a phenomenal surge, driven by rising fuel costs, environmental concerns, and government initiatives. Yakuza, a prominent Indian EV manufacturer, stands at the forefront of this revolution with its feature-rich electric scooters. One such offering is the Yakuza Cyclone Sway, an eye-catching and practical electric scooter designed for urban commutes. This article delves into everything you need to know about the Yakuza Cyclone Sway, including its price after potential subsidies, range, battery charging time, and other crucial aspects.

Understanding Subsidies on Electric Scooters in India

The Indian government actively promotes EV adoption through the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India (FAME) scheme. This scheme offers subsidies to electric two-wheeler buyers, bringing down the on-road price and making them more accessible. However, the exact subsidy amount varies depending on the state and specific scooter model.

Yakuza Cyclone Sway
Image Credits: Yakuza Electric Vehicles

Yakuza Cyclone Sway: Price and Potential Subsidy Impact

The ex-showroom price of the Yakuza Cyclone Sway sits at ₹58,000 (subject to change). Here’s how the FAME-II subsidy can potentially impact the final price:

  • FAME-II offers a subsidy of up to ₹15,000 on electric two-wheelers with a battery capacity exceeding 1 kWh.
  • The Yakuza Cyclone Sway likely falls under this category, making it eligible for the maximum subsidy.
  • In this scenario, the on-road price of the Yakuza Cyclone Sway could potentially be reduced to around ₹43,000 (₹58,000 – ₹15,000), making it a highly competitive offering in the budget-conscious Indian market.

It’s important to note that the final on-road price with the FAME-II subsidy will depend on your specific state’s EV policy. We recommend checking with your local Yakuza dealership or referring to the official Yakuza website and government resources for the latest subsidy information in your area.

Yakuza Cyclone Sway
Image Credits: Yakuza Electric Vehicles

Exploring the Range and Battery Performance of the Cyclone Sway

The Yakuza Cyclone Sway boasts a certified range of 55 km on a single charge. This range is suitable for daily commutes within the city limits. While long-distance touring might require strategic planning for charging stops, the Cyclone Sway is a practical choice for running errands, attending work or college, and navigating urban traffic.

Charging Time and Battery Specifications

The Yakuza Cyclone Sway comes equipped with a lead-acid battery. Lead-acid batteries are known for their affordability, but their charging time can be longer compared to Lithium-ion batteries. The Cyclone Sway takes approximately 6-8 hours for a full charge. However, this charging time can be optimized by utilizing charging stations or strategic overnight charging routines.

Yakuza Cyclone Sway
Image Credits: Yakuza Electric Vehicles

Beyond Price and Range: Additional Features of the Yakuza Cyclone Sway

While the potential subsidy and range are significant factors, the Cyclone Sway offers additional features that enhance your riding experience:

  • Modern Design: The scooter boasts a sleek and contemporary design with attractive LED lights, a digital meter, and a comfortable seat.
  • Safety Features: The Cyclone Sway prioritizes safety with dual disc brakes for efficient stopping power and a hydraulic suspension system for a smooth ride.
  • Reverse Gear: A user-friendly reverse gear allows for effortless maneuvering in tight spaces, adding to the scooter’s practicality.
  • Boot Space: The Cyclone Sway offers a convenient boot space for storing your essentials during commutes.
  • Multiple Color Options: The scooter comes in a variety of colors to suit your individual style.
Yakuza Cyclone Sway
Image Credits: Yakuza Electric Vehicles

The Yakuza Cyclone Sway: A Budget-Friendly and Feature-Rich Electric Scooter

The Yakuza Cyclone Sway emerges as a compelling option for those seeking an affordable and feature-rich electric scooter. With the potential subsidy from FAME-II, the Cyclone Sway becomes even more attractive for budget-conscious buyers. Its decent range, comfortable riding experience, and additional features make it a suitable choice for daily commutes within the city.

Before making your final decision, research and compare various electric scooter models to find the one that best aligns with your needs and budget. Remember to factor in the final on-road price after considering state-specific subsidies and any additional dealership charges.

Yakuza Cyclone Sway
Image Credits: Yakuza Electric Vehicles

Here are some additional tips for potential electric scooter buyers:

  • Research charging infrastructure in your city.
  • Consider your daily commute distance and choose a scooter with a suitable range.
  • Test ride the scooter to ensure a comfortable riding experience.
  • Factor in maintenance costs and warranty coverage.

By carefully considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and embrace the world of electric mobility with the Yakuza Cyclone Sway or another suitable electric scooter.

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