Maruti Swift CNG: All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Variant

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki boasts the widest range of CNG models in its lineup. The Swift first received a CNG option in 2022 with the third generation. The recently launched fourth-generation Swift is also expected to have a CNG variant soon.

The new Maruti Swift CNG is anticipated to deliver even better fuel economy figures. Whether the gain is significant or marginal remains to be seen, but an increase of 1-2 km/kg can translate to substantial annual savings. The previous generation Swift CNG offered an impressive 30.9 km/kg, making it a strong value proposition in the segment.

Current Petrol Option and Competition

The current fourth-generation Swift is only available with a petrol engine. This new 1.2-litre Z-series engine prioritizes both performance and fuel efficiency. It provides a thrilling driving experience with ample torque while maintaining fuel economy. The fourth-generation Swift currently leads the segment with a mileage of 24.80 km/l (manual) and 25.75 km/l (AMT). The upcoming fourth-generation Swift CNG will likely retain the 5-speed manual transmission and aim to be the most fuel-efficient CNG option in its class.

The primary competitors include the Tata Tiago CNG (26.49 km/kg), Hyundai Grand i10 Nios (27 km/kg), Tata Punch CNG (26.99 km/kg), and Hyundai Aura CNG (27.10 km/kg).

Factors Affecting Fuel Economy

It’s important to remember that fuel consumption can vary depending on driving conditions, driving habits, air conditioner usage, and other factors. Additionally, since CNG typically offers lower horsepower and torque compared to petrol, drivers switching from petrol for the first time might experience a noticeable difference in performance.

Expected CNG Price and Maruti’s Efficiency Focus

In the previous generation, the CNG option was available on the VXI and ZXI variants, priced around Rs 90,000 more than their respective petrol counterparts. A similar pricing strategy is expected for the fourth-generation Swift CNG. The starting price of the current petrol model is Rs 6.49 lakh.

Maruti has consistently prioritized improving fuel efficiency with every new engine design. The Swift serves as a prime example. The first generation (2005-2010) offered 12.36 km/l, followed by the second generation (2010) with 20.4 km/l. The third generation (2018) saw a further improvement to 22.56 km/l. The upcoming fourth generation boasts an impressive 3.19 km/l increase over its predecessor. This translates to nearly double the fuel efficiency compared to the first generation model. Maruti has also made efforts to reduce the Swift’s weight over the years, contributing to better fuel economy. The first generation weighed 1010 kg, which was brought down to 965 kg in the second generation. The lightest model was the third generation at 905 kg. The new fourth generation Swift is slightly heavier at 925 kg.

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