BGauss Unveils RUV350 Electric Scooter: India’s First RUV?

BGauss RUV350

India has witnessed a dramatic rise in demand for electric scooters in recent years. This presents an exciting opportunity for established two-wheeler manufacturers and new entrants alike. E-mobility solutions provider BGauss is capitalizing on this by expanding its portfolio and attracting a wider audience. Their upcoming RUV350 electric scooter is poised to play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

Introducing the BGauss RUV350 Electric Scooter

BGauss, a leading Indian e-mobility solutions provider, has officially unveiled the name of its upcoming electric scooter. Scheduled for launch on June 25th, the BGauss RUV350 promises to set new standards in its segment.

Generating significant pre-launch buzz, the BGauss RUV350 is expected to make its global debut on June 25th. The company has released preliminary images suggesting a design philosophy similar to the BGauss D15. The success of the RUV350 is crucial for BGauss. They are touting it as India’s first RUV scooter, aiming to compete directly with rivals like the Okinawa Okhi-90. Safety, reliability, and quality are paramount for BGauss with the RUV350.

Key Features of the BGauss RUV350

The BGauss RUV350 focuses on three key areas to impress customers: robust performance, cutting-edge technology, and a sleek design. These features cater to the evolving needs of modern Indian electric scooter buyers who prioritize an exciting riding experience with rider safety in mind.

For ride comfort, the BGauss RUV350 inherits the 16-inch alloy wheels from its D15 sibling, ensuring a smooth ride on uneven roads. The upright rider triangle contributes to a stress-free riding posture. Practical features include a flat floorboard and a sufficiently spacious under-seat storage compartment.

BGauss RUV350
Image Credits: BGauss

What to Expect

While battery specifications and other crucial details remain undisclosed, the battery size might be similar to the D15’s 3.2 kWh unit. We can anticipate the BGauss RUV350 to boast more advanced powertrain components compared to their current flagship model.

Manufactured at BGauss’s state-of-the-art facility near Pune, the RUV350 reflects the company’s commitment to rigorous research and development for superior quality and performance. With over 125 showrooms across India, BGauss also has global ambitions aligned with the “Make in India, Made for India” initiative.

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