This Car Button Is Very Useful! Quickly Cools Your Cabin in Summer, Yet Remains Unknown to 99%

air recirculation button in car

Air recirculation button in car: As soon as the summer season begins, traveling in a car without turning on the AC becomes difficult. The car heats up like an oven in the sun, causing everything inside the car, from the seats to the steering wheel, to become hot. In such situations, people immediately turn on the AC, but still, it often takes a long time for the car to cool down.

Especially when your car is parked in the sun. But many people may not know that there is a button in the car that can help your car cool down immediately. Pressing this button cools down your car within a few minutes and gives you immediate relief from the heat. So let us tell you about this button today.

Actually, it’s called the Air Recirculation button, which, when pressed, starts cooling the car’s cabin immediately. The function of this button is to turn on the car’s Air Recirculation System. Using it causes the air inside the car to cool down quickly, providing you relief from the heat in summers. So let’s find out how this system works.

When you turn on the AC in summers, the car starts pulling in the hot air from outside to cool it down. In this case, the air conditioning system has to work hard to cool down the hot air, and the cabin does not cool down quickly.

But as soon as you turn on Air Recirculation, the car starts cooling the air inside the cabin instead of pulling in outside air. This causes the cool air inside the cabin to circulate, which the AC keeps cooling repeatedly. This way, the AC does not take much time to cool the air, and within a few minutes, the car becomes completely cool. This button in the car is usually located near the AC console.

Using Air Recirculation is better during hot days. It is not used in cold weather. However, in cold weather, Recirculation is used to remove fog from the windows of the car cabin, making it easier to see outside objects.

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