Kinetic E-Luna: Price, Range, Charging & More!

Kinetic E-Luna

The legendary Kinetic Luna is back, but this time with a zero-emission twist! The 2024 Kinetic E-Luna is an electric two-wheeler that blends the nostalgia of the iconic Luna with modern electric vehicle (EV) technology. This eco-friendly scooter is perfect for urban commuters seeking an affordable, reliable, and stylish ride. Let’s delve into everything you need to know about the 2024 Kinetic E-Luna, including its price, range, battery charging time, and other key features.

Budget-Friendly Electric Commuter

The 2024 Kinetic E-Luna comes in two variants: the X1 and the X2. The X1 boasts a starting price of ₹69,990 (ex-showroom, Delhi), making it a highly competitive option in the budget-friendly electric scooter segment. The X2 variant offers a slightly larger battery for an extra ₹4,990, bringing the price to ₹74,990 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Kinetic E-Luna
Image Credits: Kinetic Green

Practical Range for Daily Rides

The E-Luna caters to city commutes with a claimed IDC range of 90-110 kilometers on a single charge. This range can vary depending on factors like riding style, weight, and terrain. However, it’s sufficient for most daily errands and commutes within the city limits.

Fast Charging for Convenience

The E-Luna takes approximately 4 hours for a full charge using the standard charger provided. This charging time makes it suitable for overnight charging, ensuring you’re ready to roll for the next day. While fast-charging options aren’t currently available, the convenient home charging capability makes the E-Luna a practical choice for everyday use.

Classic Design with Modern Features

The 2024 E-Luna retains the classic design elements of the original Luna, featuring a comfortable single seat and a utilitarian style. However, it incorporates modern features like a digital instrument cluster displaying speed, odometer, trip meter, battery level, and more. The E-Luna also comes with a portable charger for added convenience.

Kinetic E-Luna
Image Credits: Kinetic Green

Safety and Performance

Kinetic has equipped the E-Luna with telescopic front forks and dual shock absorbers at the rear for a comfortable ride. The electric motor offers a claimed top speed of 50 km/hr, making it perfect for navigating city traffic. While it may not be a speed demon, the E-Luna prioritizes safety and practicality for everyday commuting.

Available Colors and Variants

The E-Luna is currently available in five color options: Ocean Blue, Mulberry Red, Black, Sparkle Silver, and Chestnut Red. This variety allows you to choose a color that best suits your style.

Kinetic E-Luna
Image Credits: Kinetic Green

The E-Luna: A Legacy Reborn

The 2024 Kinetic E-Luna offers a compelling mix of affordability, practicality, and classic design. With its budget-friendly price tag, decent range, and quick charging capabilities, the E-Luna is a viable option for eco-conscious commuters seeking a reliable electric scooter for daily rides. Whether you’re a fan of the original Luna or simply looking for a stylish and affordable electric two-wheeler, the E-Luna is definitely worth considering.

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