Bajaj Chetak Cuts Costs: New Low-Priced Electric Scooter Coming Soon

Chetak Electric Scooter

Bajaj Auto is set to launch a new, low-cost variant of the popular Bajaj Chetak electric scooter in India. This new version aims to be more competitive in the electric scooter market, particularly against rivals like the Ola S1 X. To achieve this lower price point, Bajaj has implemented several cost-cutting measures.

Striking a Balance Between Price and Features

While details about the motor and battery pack are yet to be revealed, the budget Chetak will likely retain the powertrain from the existing Urbane variant. However, to bring down the price, sacrifices have been made in terms of features and aesthetics.

Cost-Cutting Measures for a Lower Price Tag

  • Simpler Design: The new Chetak will forego the metallic and premium paint options available in the current models, offering only solid color choices.
  • Steel Wheels: Replacing the alloy wheels found on the Urbane and Premium variants, the budget Chetak will utilize more affordable steel wheels.
  • Drum Brakes: All-around drum brakes will be used instead of the disc brakes on higher-end models.
  • Basic Display: A basic negative-LCD unit will replace the TFT display with Bluetooth connectivity and navigation features found on the Urbane and Premium variants.
  • Storage Solutions: Two simple cubby pockets will take the place of the lockable glove compartment on the pricier models.

Expected Price and Launch Window

By implementing these changes, Bajaj is expected to launch the new Chetak at a price point under Rs. 1 lakh (ex-showroom). This positions it significantly lower than the existing Urbane variant (Rs. 1.23 lakh) and the Premium variant (Rs. 1.47 lakh), making it a more attractive option for budget-conscious electric scooter buyers.

Potential Impact on the Market

The arrival of this new, affordable Chetak variant could shake up the Indian electric scooter market. With a competitive price tag and the established Bajaj brand name, it has the potential to attract a wider range of customers. This could put pressure on other manufacturers to offer more competitive pricing or features in their electric scooters.

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