ADO Air Carbon: World’s Lightest Foldable e-Bike That’s Unstealable

Ado Air Carbon lightest e-bike in the world

ADO Air Carbon: City e-bikes are known for their convenience and practicality, but what if they could be even lighter and more secure? ADO, a company specializing in urban e-bikes, has unveiled the Air Carbon, a foldable e-bike that boasts the title of the world’s lightest, thanks to its innovative carbon fiber construction and built-in anti-theft technology.

ADO Air Carbon: Carbon Fiber Revolution

Carbon fiber, a material prized for its strength-to-weight ratio, has long been a staple in the high-end automotive and cycling industries. However, its premium price tag has typically reserved it for serious athletes and performance-focused riders. ADO is aiming to change that with the Air Carbon, bringing carbon fiber technology to the everyday rider.

Building on Success: The Air Legacy

The Air Carbon is the latest evolution of ADO’s popular Air line of city e-bikes. While retaining the familiar 15-second folding frame, sleek silhouette, and Gates Carbon Drive belt for low maintenance, the Air Carbon takes a significant leap forward with its all-carbon fiber frame and fork. This translates to a remarkable weight of just 12.5 kg (27.5 lbs), making it the lightest e-bike in the world according to ADO.

Effortless Power: A Ride Optimized for the City

The Air Carbon features a new Bafang motor, designed specifically for this lightweight e-bike. This single-speed motor sacrifices some gear options for further weight reduction, but with 35 Nm of torque, it promises smooth and effortless riding in urban environments. A torque sensor ensures instant assistance as you pedal.

The integrated seatpost battery boasts an estimated range of 100 km (62 miles) on a single charge, building on the success of the previous Air A20’s Samsung-cell battery.

Untethered Riding: Security Meets Innovation

Beyond its impressive weight, the Air Carbon boasts a unique anti-theft system. A built-in Smart Connect module provides GPS tracking of the bike through a dedicated app, allowing you to locate it at any time. The app also sends instant notifications if the bike moves unexpectedly, offering peace of mind and deterring potential theft. ADO goes so far as to call the e-bike “unstealable” thanks to this innovative feature.

While GPS tracking isn’t entirely new in the e-bike world, ADO believes the combination of the lightweight carbon fiber frame and this anti-theft technology sets the Air Carbon apart, along with its patented folding design.

“The Air Carbon is designed to meet the highest standards of urban commuting,” says Mr. Sen, CEO of ADO. “Its lightness, combined with our Anti-theft GPS technology, ensures a riding experience that’s both enjoyable and secure.”

ADO Air Carbon: Pre-Launch and Looking Ahead

The ADO Air Carbon is currently pre-launched on crowdfunding platforms. Those interested can sign up for updates and a potential 40% discount on the launch price, which is expected to be lower than the final retail price.

While ADO has yet to announce a specific launch date or final pricing details, the Air Carbon has certainly piqued our interest. It promises to be a game-changer for city e-bikes, offering a lightweight, secure, and convenient riding experience.

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