Mahindra XUV 3XO vs Tata Nexon: A Detailed Comparison

Mahindra XUV 3XO vs Tata Nexon

The compact SUV segment in India is brimming with excellent options, and two of the most popular contenders are the Mahindra XUV 3XO and the Tata Nexon. Both SUVs offer a compelling blend of style, performance, features, and practicality, making them strong contenders in the market.

With the recent launch of the Mahindra XUV 3XO in April 2024, it’s natural to compare it against the well-established Tata Nexon. This SEO-optimized article delves into a comprehensive comparison of these two SUVs, analyzing their features, specifications, price points, and other key differences to help you make an informed decision.

Key Differences:

Here’s a quick overview of the key differences between the Mahindra XUV 3XO and Tata Nexon:

  • Price: The Mahindra XUV 3XO boasts a slightly lower starting price of ₹7.49 lakh (ex-showroom) compared to the Tata Nexon’s ₹8.15 lakh (ex-showroom). However, the top-end variants of the XUV 3XO are pricier than the Nexon.
  • Dimensions: While both SUVs fall within the sub-4 meter category, the XUV 3XO is marginally shorter in length than the Nexon. However, it compensates with a wider stance and a longer wheelbase, potentially translating into a roomier cabin.
  • Engine Options: Both SUVs offer petrol engines, with the XUV 3XO featuring a 1.2-liter unit and the Nexon offering a 1.2-liter turbocharged option for additional power.
  • Features: Both vehicles come loaded with features, but the XUV 3XO might have a slight edge in terms of standard features offered in the lower variants.

Detailed Feature Comparison:

  • Exterior Design: Both the XUV 3XO and Nexon boast stylish and contemporary exteriors. The XUV300 features a bold and muscular design, while the Nexon has a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Interior Design and Comfort: The XUV 3XO’s cabin offers a spacious and comfortable feel, potentially due to its wider stance and longer wheelbase. Both SUVs provide comfortable seating and ample legroom for passengers.
  • Features:
    • Infotainment System: Both offer touchscreen infotainment systems with smartphone connectivity features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Higher variants might offer additional features like a sunroof and digital instrument cluster.
    • Safety Features: Both SUVs prioritize safety with features like ABS with EBD, dual airbags, and rear parking sensors. Higher variants might offer additional safety features like multiple airbags, hill hold control, and electronic stability control.

Engine Specifications and Performance:

  • Mahindra XUV 3XO: It comes with a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine generating 110 bhp and 195 Nm of torque. It is available with a 5-speed manual transmission.
  • Tata Nexon: It offers a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine producing 120 bhp and 170 Nm of torque. Transmission options include a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed AMT.

While the Nexon’s engine offers slightly more power, the XUV300’s engine might provide better fuel efficiency due to its lower displacement.

Price Comparison:

  • MahindraXUV 3XO: Prices range from ₹7.49 lakh to ₹15.49 lakh (ex-showroom).
  • Tata Nexon: Prices range from ₹8.15 lakh to ₹15 lakh (ex-showroom).

As mentioned earlier, the XUV 3XO offers a lower starting price but has pricier top-end variants compared to the Nexon.


Choosing between the Mahindra XUV 3XO and Tata Nexon depends on your individual priorities. If you prioritize a spacious cabin, a potentially lower starting price, and a wider range of features in the base variant, the XUV 3XO might be a compelling choice.

However, if you desire a slightly more powerful engine and are willing to pay a marginally higher starting price, the Tata Nexon could be a strong contender. Ultimately, a test drive of both SUVs is recommended to determine which one best suits your driving needs and preferences.

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