Honda SP 160: A Closer Look at Features, Price, and Mileage

Honda SP 160

The Honda SP 160 is a stylish and reliable motorcycle that caters to budget-conscious riders seeking a balance of performance and fuel efficiency. This guide delves into the key aspects of the Honda SP 160, including its price, mileage, loan options, features, and other noteworthy details.

Price and Variants:

The Honda SP 160 comes in two variants: the base Single Disc and the feature-rich Dual Disc. The ex-showroom price starts at approximately Rs. 1.18 lakh for the Single Disc variant and goes up to Rs. 1.23 lakh for the Dual Disc. Prices may vary slightly depending on the specific location and taxes applicable.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance:

The Honda SP 160 boasts impressive fuel efficiency, with an ARAI-claimed mileage of 65 kmpl. This makes it a compelling choice for daily commutes and cost-conscious riders. The 162.71cc, 4-stroke SI engine with PGM-FI fuel injection delivers a smooth ride and decent power for navigating city traffic.

Loan Options and Financing:

Several leading lenders offer two-wheeler loan options for purchasing the Honda SP 160. Interest rates typically range from 7.5% to 9.5%, depending on your credit score and loan tenure. Popular lenders include Bajaj Finance, Hero FinCorp, and HDFC Bank. Online loan calculators can help estimate your monthly EMI based on your down payment and chosen loan term.

Features and Specifications:

The Honda SP 160 offers a blend of style and functionality. Its sporty design, sharp lines, and bold graphics exude a youthful appeal. Key features include:

  • Comfortable Riding Posture: The upright riding position ensures comfort during long rides.
  • Telescopic Front Suspension: Offers better handling and control, especially on uneven roads.
  • Front Disc Brake (Optional): The Dual Disc variant provides enhanced stopping power for added safety.
  • Digital Meter Console (Optional): The Dual Disc variant features a digital meter displaying essential information like fuel level, odometer readings, and gear position.
  • Alloy Wheels: Enhance the bike’s visual appeal and contribute to a lighter weight.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

While the Honda SP 160 is a compelling option, consider these factors before making your decision:

  • Competition: Bikes like the Bajaj Pulsar 180 and the TVS Apache RTR 160 offer similar features and performance at competitive prices.
  • Service Network: Honda boasts a widespread service network, ensuring easy access to maintenance and repairs.
  • Test Ride: Take a test ride to assess the bike’s comfort, handling, and overall performance before finalizing your purchase.


The Honda SP 160 is a reliable and fuel-efficient motorcycle that caters to budget-minded riders seeking a stylish and practical commuter. With its attractive price point, impressive mileage, and readily available financing options, the Honda SP 160 remains a popular choice in the 160cc segment.

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