2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Teaser Reveals Key Details About The Bike

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Teaser Reveals Key Details About The Bike

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250: Bajaj is giving its Pulsar lineup, a major sales driver for the company, a refresh in 2024. We’ve already seen new versions of the Pulsar NS125, NS160, and NS200. They’ve also launched beefed-up versions of the Pulsar N150 and N160. The updates likely won’t stop there – test mules spotted on the road suggest the bigger Pulsar N250 and F250 are next in line for an upgrade.

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250

Riders seeking high-tech features might be disappointed with the N250 and F250. While their performance is solid, these bikes lack modern tech integrations like the Bluetooth-connected digital instrument clusters found on many competitors in the 250cc class. To keep the price attractive, Bajaj may have prioritized core functionality over advanced features.

There’s a chance Bajaj might address this tech gap based on market feedback. Modern riders crave constant connectivity, and this growing segment can’t be overlooked. Interestingly, Bajaj already introduced a Bluetooth-enabled digital instrument cluster with the new Pulsar NS200. This suggests future updates for the N250 and F250 could incorporate similar features.

Following market feedback, Bajaj is likely to equip the Pulsar 250 twins with a modern instrument cluster like the one seen on the new Pulsar NS200. This upgrade would allow riders to connect their smartphones through the Bajaj Ride Connect App, enabling features like calls, text messages, turn-by-turn navigation, and keeping an eye on phone signal strength and battery level.

2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 Likely To Get USD Forks

One major point of criticism for the current Pulsar 250 is the lack of USD forks, a feature now common in the 250cc segment. Even other Pulsar models like the NS160 and NS200 boast USD forks. When the N250 launched, enthusiasts expected these “big brother” Pulsars to come standard with USD forks, but they weren’t even offered as an option. However, recent spy shots of the updated Pulsar 250 twins suggest the inclusion of USD forks, promising improved handling and potentially a boost in overall performance and safety.

The colour palette

Bajaj currently offers the Pulsar N250 and F250 in a lone “Brooklyn Black” colour scheme. While black is sleek, it might limit choices for riders who prefer a more vibrant or personalized look. Introducing a wider colour palette with sportier graphics could enhance the appeal of these Pulsar twins. Bajaj’s commitment to expanding colour options remains to be seen, but hopefully, they’ll cater to a wider range of rider preferences.

Focus on Features and Tech Upgrades

Bajaj’s Pulsar N250 and F250 are expected to receive a refresh, but will likely retain their core mechanical components. This means the familiar 249cc, single-cylinder engine with 24.5 PS of power and 21.5 Nm of torque will soldier on, mated to the same 5-speed gearbox. Most other hardware, including brakes, suspension, and wheels, are also expected to carry forward.

The focus of the update seems to be on improving features. Spy shots suggest the addition of USD forks, which should enhance handling and provide a more premium feel. Riders can also expect a modern Bluetooth-enabled digital instrument cluster, similar to the one on the new Pulsar NS200. This will allow smartphone connectivity for features like calls, navigation, and message alerts. Of course, these upgrades will likely result in a bump in price from the current Rs 1.50 lakh starting price for the ABS models.

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