Virat Kohli’s Car Collection: A Look Inside the Cricketer’s Garage

Virat Kohli's Car Collection: A Look Inside the Cricketer's Garage

Virat Kohli’s Car Collection: Virat Kohli, the name synonymous with power-hitting and phenomenal cricketing skills, is not just a legend on the field but also known for his exquisite taste. His car collection reflects a man who appreciates a blend of luxury, speed, and practicality. Let’s delve into the garage of this cricketing superstar and explore the impressive machines he owns (prices are based on the latest models):

Virat Kohli’s Car Collection: A Look Inside the Cricketer’s Garage

The Audi Dominance

Audi seems to be Virat Kohli’s favourite brand, and his collection boasts several Audis.

Audi Q7 (₹69.27 Lakhs – ₹81.80 Lakhs): This luxurious full-size SUV offers comfort, space, and performance, making it a perfect choice for a family man like Kohli.

Audi RS5 (₹86.04 Lakhs – ₹1.02 Crore): A high-performance coupe, the RS5 is known for its sleek design, powerful engine, and thrilling driving experience.

Audi A8 L W12 (₹1.58 Crore onwards): Epitomizing luxury, the A8 L is an opulent sedan that offers unparalleled comfort and technology. The W12 engine adds a touch of unmatched power.

Audi R8 LMX (₹2.97 crore): This is a rare beast! The limited-edition R8 LMX is a supercar boasting a powerful V10 engine and a breathtaking design. Owning one signifies a true passion for speed and exclusivity.

Beyond the Audis

While Audi reigns supreme, Virat Kohli’s collection extends to other prestigious carmakers.

Land Rover Vogue (₹2.11 Crore): The Vogue is a luxurious SUV known for its off-road prowess and sophisticated design. It makes a perfect choice for someone who enjoys both city life and occasional adventures.

Bentley Continental GT (₹3.29 Crore – ₹4.04 Crore): This iconic British grand tourer exudes elegance and power. The Continental GT is a statement car, perfect for making a grand entrance.

Bentley Flying Spur (₹1.70 Crore – ₹3.41 Crore): Another opulent Bentley, the Flying Spur is a high-performance luxury sedan that offers unparalleled comfort and a powerful driving experience.

A Touch of Practicality

Amongst the extravagance, Virat Kohli also owns a car known for its practicality.

Toyota Fortuner (₹32.44 Lakhs – ₹42.34 Lakhs): This reliable and spacious SUV is a popular choice for its ability to handle tough terrains while offering comfort for long journeys.

Renault Duster (₹ 8.59 Lakh and ₹ 14.25 Lakh): While there haven’t been recent sightings, Kohli was earlier reported to own a Renault Duster, a budget-friendly SUV known for its functionality and affordability.

Virat Kohli’s car collection showcases his multifaceted personality. It reflects his love for luxury, his need for practicality, and his occasional indulgence in pure, unadulterated speed. From the everyday practicality of the Fortuner to the adrenaline rush of the R8 LMX, Kohli’s garage has something for every mood and occasion.

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