New Driving License Rules in India: Everything You Need to Know

driver's licence rules

Many people will wait until they are 18 years old before they can apply for a driver’s license and drive legally. Previously, it was necessary to go to the regional RTO to obtain a driving license. But the Indian government has changed the rules. Now there is no need to visit the RTO and take an exam to apply for a driving license. You can also take the driving test at any approved private institute.

These new regulations on driving licenses will come into force on June 1, 2024. A notice has also been issued in this regard. Now you can take driving training and take a driving test at private institutes.

What driving school issues your driving license?

Please note that this rule does not apply to all driving schools and they are not authorized to issue a driving license. According to the resolution issued, only driving schools can issue a driving license that meets certain essential requirements. Do you know what these conditions are…?

  • Training centers that are built on at least 1 hectare of land or have the same land. On the other hand, 2 hectares of land are needed to train four-wheeled vehicles.
  • The driving center must have adequate testing facilities.
  • People who train drivers or future drivers must be in possession of at least a secondary school diploma or equivalent.
  • The trainer must have at least 5 years of driving experience. In addition, they must have knowledge of basic biometric and computer systems.
  • For light vehicles, training must be completed within 4 weeks or 29 hours. It is important to include both theory and practice in training.

For heavy vehicles, at least 38 hours of training are required. There are 8 hours of theoretical lessons and the remaining time is reserved for practice.

    Additionally, the government has decided to phase out 9,000,000 old government vehicles. In addition, strict regulations will be introduced to control automobile emissions.

    Changes will also be made to the traffic sound system:

    The government will also update the fine for traffic violations. According to reports, speeding can attract a fine of between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000. Apart from this, the challan can also be checked in case he is caught driving while underage. If a person under 18 years of age is caught driving, he or she may be issued a challan of up to Rs 25,000. Additionally, the vehicle owner’s driver’s license may also be revoked. Furthermore, the minor will only be issued a driving license once he or she has turned 25 years old.

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