GMDA Revolutionizes Road Safety with Rs 17.6 Million Project

In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing road safety, the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has embarked on a visionary project, investing a substantial Rs 17.6 million. The initiative, led by the District Administration and Regional Transport Authority (RTA), is set to redefine the landscape of city road safety. The focus? Implementing and signaling city speed limits, a crucial step in curbing accidents and promoting responsible driving habits.

Setting the Stage: City-wide Speed Limits

The GMDA’s initiative aligns seamlessly with the guidelines set forth by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRT&H) and the Public Works Department (PWD). By meticulously adhering to the latest applicable Indian Roads Congress (IRC) codes, GMDA is poised to establish a standardized speed limit framework for all city roads.

Strategic Signboard Placement: Every 300 Meters Counts

At the core of this initiative is the installation of prominently placed signboards at approximately 300-meter intervals. These signboards, strategically positioned across the city, serve as beacons of information for commuters. More than a mere compliance with regulations, they play a pivotal role in promoting safe driving practices.

The Purpose: Safety and Beyond

The primary objective of these signboards is twofold. Firstly, they serve as a constant reminder to commuters about the designated speed limits, fostering a culture of adherence to traffic regulations. Secondly, they act as invaluable tools for the traffic police department, aiding in the identification of instances of over-speeding and enabling swift corrective action.

Safety by Design: Carefully Determined Speed Limits

The GMDA, in collaboration with the District Road Safety Committee, has meticulously determined speed limits for all road infrastructure in Gurugram. This comprehensive approach extends beyond internal roads to encompass National and State Highways. The careful calibration of speed limits considers the unique characteristics of the city’s road infrastructure and vehicular traffic, ensuring a tailored approach to road safety.

The Voice of Authority: GMDA’s Commitment

RD Singhal, the General Manager of the Mobility Division at GMDA, affirmed the commitment of the District Road Safety Committee to this monumental project. “GMDA, in line with Administration directives, will install speed limit signboards along all GMDA arterial roads in Gurugram, contributing to enhanced road safety. We have already initiated the tender process for this project,” stated Singhal.

Beyond Limits: Additional Safety Measures

While the speed limit signboards stand as guardians of safe driving, GMDA has not stopped there. In a proactive move, the authority has implemented additional measures to control speed. Thermoplastic rumble strips have been strategically placed in various underpasses within the city, targeting areas where high-speed vehicle movement poses a significant risk.

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