Actress Pavitra Jayaram tragically passes away in Hyderabad car accident

Kannada TV Actor Pavithra jayaram

Popular TV actress Pavitra Jayaram tragically passed away on Sunday following a fatal car accident. Pavitra, renowned for her role in the hit show “Trinayani,” met with the accident in Hyderabad when a bus collided with her car. Traveling with her sister, Apeksha, driver Srikant, and actor Chandrakant, Pavitra’s sudden demise has sent shockwaves through the TV industry.

Reports indicate that the accident occurred near Mehboob Nagar in Hyderabad as Pavitra was returning to Hanakere in Mandya district, Karnataka. According to IANS, her car lost control, hitting a divider before being struck by a bus. Sadly, Pavitra succumbed to her injuries at the scene while her companions suffered severe injuries.

Actor Sameeip Acharyaa expressed his condolences on social media, reminiscing about Pavitra as his first on-screen mother. Tributes poured in on her Instagram posts, reflecting the profound impact of her untimely departure.

Pavitra had made a significant mark in the Telugu and Kannada entertainment realms, featuring in projects like “Tillottama” and the Telugu serial “Trinayani.” In “Trinayani,” she shared the screen with notable actors, including Aashika Gopal Padukone and Chandu Gowda, showcasing her talent and versatility.

Her legacy extends beyond television, with appearances in productions like “Bucchi Naidu Kandriga,” where she starred alongside esteemed actors like Drishika Chander and Ravi Varma. Pavitra’s sudden demise is not just a loss to the entertainment industry but also a reminder of life’s fragility.

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