Mahindra XUV 3XO Gets Loaded: ADAS, Auto Box, and More from the XUV700

Mahindra XUV 3XO

The Mahindra XUV 3XO, a refreshed version of the popular XUV300, is all set to launch in India. While the hype surrounding it might not quite match the frenzy of the XUV700 launch, Mahindra is generating considerable excitement with a slew of new features borrowed from its bigger sibling. Let’s delve into what awaits us with the XUV 3XO.

Enhanced Safety with a 360-Degree Camera

A 360-degree camera has become a near-standard feature in the compact SUV segment, with most competitors offering it. Following this trend, Mahindra is expected to equip the XUV 3XO with the same unit used in the XUV700. This proven system provides a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings, minimizing parking woes and enhancing safety.

Smoother Gears with a 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Finally, a proper automatic transmission graces the XUV 3XO! Mahindra is set to introduce a smooth-shifting, Aisin-sourced 6-speed automatic gearbox paired with the 1.2-liter turbo TGDi engine. This transmission, identical to the one found in the XUV700, promises a refined driving experience with seamless gear changes.

Technological Leap: AdrenoX Infotainment and Digital Instrument Cluster

The XUV 3XO is poised to take a technological leap with an AdrenoX-powered infotainment system. The XUV700’s AdrenoX interface is lauded for its user-friendliness, and a similar experience can be expected on the XUV 3XO. Additionally, Mahindra is expected to incorporate a digital instrument cluster, mirroring the one in the XUV700, for a more modern and informative driver experience.

ADAS Makes Safety a Priority

Reports suggest that the XUV 3XO might inherit the XUV700’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) setup. This could translate to a camera and radar-based ADAS system, a first in this segment. While competitors like the Sonet and Venue offer a camera-based ADAS, the XUV 3XO’s potential radar integration would be a significant safety advantage. Considering the XUV300’s existing safety credentials, the addition of ADAS would make the XUV 3XO a true frontrunner in occupant protection.

Drive Modes for Tailored Performance

A recent XUV 3XO teaser hinted at drive modes similar to those found in the XUV700. The XUV700 offers “Zip, Zap, & Zoom” modes, while the XUV 3XO teaser showcased “Zap” mode. This suggests that the XUV 3XO might come with “Zip” (eco mode) and “Zap” (city mode) options, catering to different driving needs and potentially impacting fuel efficiency.

Comfort Takes Center Stage with Ventilated Seats

Ventilated seats are a welcome respite in India’s hot and humid climate. Recognizing this, Mahindra is expected to equip the XUV 3XO with ventilated seats, similar to those offered in the XUV700. This feature, already available in competitors like the Nexon and Sonet, will enhance passenger comfort on long journeys.

The Mahindra XUV 3XO appears well-positioned to shake up the compact SUV segment with its feature inheritance from the XUV700. From enhanced safety features to a more comfortable cabin and a technologically advanced driving experience, the XUV 3XO promises to be a compelling choice for Indian car buyers. Stay tuned for further updates on the official launch date and pricing.

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