AC Helmets Bring Relief to Vadodara’s Traffic Cops Amidst Summer Heat (Video)

AC Helmets Bring Relief to Vadodara's Traffic Cops Amidst Summer Heat

Vadodara Traffic Police has innovated to tackle the scorching summer temperatures by introducing specialized air-conditioned (AC) helmets for its personnel. These unique helmets aim to provide cooling comfort amidst the peak temperatures ranging from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius.

Innovative Cooling Gear for Traffic Police

Equipped with various special features, these helmets come with a visor to shield the eyes from the sun and a charging point. Once fully charged, they can offer cooling for up to eight hours, ensuring sustained relief for officers on duty.

Enhanced Efficiency and Comfort

Instances of officers fainting on duty due to extreme heat prompted the initiation of this innovative solution. Officers who received these helmets on a trial basis reported significantly improved comfort and efficiency in carrying out their responsibilities.

Public Commendation

A video shared by ANI News showcased three traffic policemen stationed on the road wearing the AC helmets. The initiative has received positive feedback from the public, with many commending it as a significant step forward.

User Reactions

“That’s a very good initiative and traffic departments from other states should also follow this noble initiative,” suggested one user, advocating for its adoption by other police departments.

“A much-needed invention to negate this extreme heat,” added another user, highlighting the importance of such innovations in combating adverse weather conditions.

“It should be all over in India,” exclaimed a user, emphasizing the potential nationwide impact of this initiative.

Expansion of Initiative

The success of this initiative has led to its introduction for traffic police officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur, further extending its reach and impact.

Further Implementation Plans

DCP Traffic Aarti Singh informed ANI News, “At present, the helmets have been given on a trial basis to the traffic policemen posted at six major intersections of the city, the results of which have also been quite successful. Soon, this AC helmet will also be given to the traffic policemen posted at other intersections of the city.”

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