VinFast Klara S: Is This the Most Affordable Long-Range Electric Scooter?


In the ever-evolving world of electric scooters, the VinFast Klara S stands out for its impressive range, sleek design, and focus on sustainability. This Vietnamese-made e-scooter caters to urban riders seeking an eco-friendly and practical mode of transportation for daily commutes. But is the Klara S the right choice for you? This comprehensive guide dives into everything you need to know about the VinFast Klara S, including its price, range, battery charging time, features, and more.

Unveiling the Klara S: A Blend of Style and Functionality

The Klara S boasts a modern-retro design aesthetic, featuring a hexagonal LED headlamp and a stylish dual-tone front apron. The scooter comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste, including black, red, white, blue, matte black, nurturing green, and moss green. This e-scooter isn’t just about looks, though. It’s built with a robust chassis that can handle a maximum load of 150 kg, making it suitable for carrying a passenger or cargo.

Exploring the Klara S’s Core: Power, Performance, and Range

The Klara S packs a punch with a hub-mounted electric motor that generates a healthy 4 bhp (3 kW) of power. This translates to a top speed of 78 km/hr, ensuring you can keep pace with city traffic. But where the Klara S truly shines is in its range. VinFast offers two battery options:

  • Standard Battery: This version offers a claimed maximum range of 120 km on a single charge, perfect for zipping around town and running errands. (This is the information available on the official VinFast website).
  • Upgraded Battery (India Specific): News reports suggest that the Klara S might be launched in India with a larger battery offering a range of up to 194 km. This extended range would make the Klara S a compelling option for longer commutes or weekend getaways.

Charging Up the Klara S: Refueling for Future Rides

The standard Klara S battery has a reported charging time of around 6 hours using a standard outlet. This might not be ideal for everyone, but it’s important to consider your daily riding habits. If you primarily use the scooter for short commutes and charge it overnight, the charging time shouldn’t be a major concern.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Ride

The Klara S comes equipped with several features to ensure a comfortable and convenient riding experience. Here are some highlights:

  • Water Resistance: The Klara S can withstand water submersion of up to 0.5 meters for 30 minutes, providing peace of mind during rainy conditions.
  • Smart Features (Optional): VinFast offers an optional smart connectivity feature that allows you to connect your smartphone to the scooter for real-time tracking, battery monitoring, and other functionalities.
  • Spacious Underseat Storage: The Klara S provides ample storage space under the seat to accommodate your helmet and other essentials.

Price and Availability: Owning the Klara S

The price of the VinFast Klara S varies depending on the market and battery option. Here’s a general breakdown:

  • Vietnam: The base price starts from around VND 39,900 (approximately ₹1.35 lakh), excluding batteries and charger.
  • India (Anticipated): News reports suggest a starting price of around ₹1.18 lakh, likely excluding batteries and charger.

The Final Verdict: Is the Klara S Right for You?

The VinFast Klara S is a compelling choice for eco-conscious riders seeking a stylish and practical electric scooter for urban commutes. With its impressive range (especially the upgraded battery option for India), water resistance, and comfortable design, the Klara S offers a good value proposition. However, the charging time and exclusion of batteries and charger in the base price might be factors to consider.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your individual needs and priorities. If you prioritize range and are comfortable with overnight charging, the Klara S could be your perfect urban companion.

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