Vinfast Klara S: A Stylish Electric Scooter with Retro Flair

Vinfast Klara S Electric Scooter

Vinfast Klara S electric scooter: In a move signifying a strategic diversification beyond electric cars, Vietnamese automaker Vinfast has recently secured a design patent for its Klara S electric scooter in India. This news comes hot on the heels of the groundbreaking ceremony for their very first electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant in Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, solidifying their commitment to the Indian market. The Klara S has generated a wave of anticipation and speculation amongst electric scooter enthusiasts in India, sparking excitement for its future arrival.

The Vinfast Klara S Electric Scooter: A Stylish Debut

While Vinfast has garnered recognition for its lineup of electric cars, the brand has also achieved significant success in its home market with its electric scooter range. Recognizing India’s burgeoning electric scooter market, Vinfast appears well-positioned to capitalize on this flourishing trend. The recently patented Klara S electric scooter embodies a classic design aesthetic reminiscent of iconic Vespa scooters. This design choice underscores Vinfast’s commitment to timeless elegance and an Italian-inspired design philosophy.

Vinfast Klara S Electric Scooter Unveils Its Design and Features

The Klara S electric scooter boasts a distinctive hexagonal-shaped LED headlight, which complements a U-shaped LED tail light and integrated LED turn indicators. Further enhancing its elegant appeal are high-end details like the contrasting hues sported by the floorboard and seats. In a nod towards modern conveniences and connectivity, the Klara S is equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster and telematics features facilitated by a built-in eSIM.

Spectacular Specifications and Performance

The Klara S electric scooter comes in a vibrant array of colors, including Black, Red, White, Blue, Matte Black, Nurturing Green, and Moss Green. The scooter’s compact dimensions, measuring 1,890 mm in length, 684 mm in width, and 1,125 mm in height, make it perfect for navigating busy city streets. With a wheelbase of 1,321 mm and a seat height of 760 mm, the Klara S offers a comfortable riding experience. Weighing in at a manageable 108 kg, the scooter features two removable battery packs (each with a capacity of 22 Ah) sourced from LG Chem. These batteries power a 1.2 kW (1.6 bhp) electric hub motor from Bosch. Vinfast claims that the Klara S can achieve a range of 120 km on a single charge when ridden at a steady speed of 30 km/h. The scooter also boasts a top speed of 48 km/h, making it ideal for zipping around town and completing daily commutes efficiently.

Vinfast Klara S Electric Scooter: Geared Up for Safety and Rider Comfort

The Klara S features impressive componentry, including front and rear disc brakes with Nissin calipers for optimal stopping power. The scooter rides on a 14-inch front wheel fitted with a 90/90-14 tire and a 12-inch rear wheel with a 120/70-12 tire. This combination ensures a smooth ride and confident handling. With a load-bearing capacity of 150 kg, the Klara S can comfortably accommodate riders of various weights and their cargo.

Competitive Pricing and Battery Options

The Klara S electric scooter is offered at a competitive price point, with the base model starting from VND 39.9 million (approximately Rs. 1.34 lakh). It’s important to note that this price excludes batteries and the 400W charger. To address affordability concerns and provide flexible ownership options, Vinfast offers a battery subscription service for VND 350,000 per month (approximately Rs. 1,178).

With its sophisticated design, modern features, and impressive performance capabilities, the Vinfast Klara S electric scooter is poised to make a significant impact on the ever-evolving Indian electric scooter market. The scooter presents itself as an alluring option, particularly for riders seeking a premium electric two-wheeler experience.

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