SYM’s PE3 Concept Delivers Electric Power with Gas Engine Backup

SYM's PE3 Scooter

Taiwanese electric vehicle manufacturer SYM is currently working on the SYM PE 3 concept, a hybrid scooter that could extend the range of electric two-wheelers. The PE3 concept is primarily driven by an electric motor. However, the gasoline engine only turns on when the battery voltage drops below 60 volts. This engine does not directly drive the wheels, but acts as a generator, discharging the battery and keeping the electric motor running.

This setup offers the best of both worlds, combining electric power for most commutes (around 35 kilometers on a full charge) with a gasoline engine for greater range. It is particularly suitable for urban users who need to travel longer distances occasionally.

The PE3 concept will appeal to students, travelers, and professionals looking for comfortable and affordable rides. The design is sleek and modern with a square body and technical features. However, pricing information has not been revealed yet. SYM’s experience so far suggests that the brand can offer this concept at an affordable price.

The PE3 concept utilizes an aluminum-ion battery for electric power. This battery can be charged using a charging socket or with the help of the compact, high-efficiency gasoline engine that acts as a generator. The fully charged aluminum-ion battery ensures emission-free driving. When the intelligent energy management system detects that the battery is low or the vehicle is under load, it starts the engine to generate power for the electric motor while simultaneously charging the battery.

The cutting-edge aluminum-ion battery technology was invented by Aph ePower, founded in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Aph ePower will be the first company to commercialize aluminum-ion batteries. This technology boasts many advanced features, including environmentally friendly recycled material, long service life, wide operating temperature range, fast charging and discharging speed, and safer and more stable chemical properties.

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