Sony Afeela Prototype Takes Center Stage at CES 2024

In a captivating showcase at the 2024 edition of CES (Consumer Electronics Show), Sony Honda Mobility revealed the latest iteration of the Afeela electric car prototype, raising the curtain on what appears to be a sneak peek at the highly anticipated road-going model. The unveiling left spectators in awe as the firm, in collaboration with Epic Games, Microsoft, and Polyphony Digital, showcased a design that hints at a leap towards mass production. With a PlayStation 5 controller in hand, Izumi Kawanishi, the President and COO of Sony Honda Mobility, controlled the Afeela electric car on stage, leaving an indelible mark on the CES 2024 audience.

AFEELA Concept: A Glimpse into the Future

Design Evolution

The most recent prototype of the Afeela, presented at CES 2024, signifies a significant step forward in design, suggesting that the electric vehicle is inching closer to production reality. Building on the foundation laid at CES 2023, Sony Honda Mobility aims for mass production this time, enhancing the prototype’s design with an eye on the road-going model set to hit the markets in 2026.

Technological Marvels

Since the strategic partnership announcement with Epic Games, Microsoft, and Polyphony Digital, the Afeela prototype has undergone a technological metamorphosis. Packed with artificial intelligence capabilities, the latest design boasts a plethora of features that set it apart in the evolving landscape of electric vehicles. From innovative control mechanisms to groundbreaking connectivity features, the Afeela promises a driving experience like never before.

Sony And Honda Collaboration: Powering the Afeela EV

Dual Electric Motor Propulsion

The collaboration between Sony and Honda in the development of the Afeela concept has yielded a remarkable electric vehicle. Propelled by two electric motors intricately connected to an all-wheel drive system, the Afeela promises a dynamic driving experience. The placement of these electric motors in the front and back axles ensures power is distributed efficiently to all four wheels, setting the stage for unparalleled performance on the road.

Peak Power and Energy Storage

With each electric motor capable of a peak power output of 241bhp, the combined force propels the Afeela to an impressive 482bhp. Powering these electric motors is a robust 91kWh lithium-ion battery pack, a testament to Sony Honda Mobility’s commitment to delivering a high-performance electric vehicle. The result is not only a powerful driving experience but also a sustainable one, as the Afeela embraces the future of clean energy.

Charging Capabilities

Sony Honda Mobility has envisioned a seamless charging experience for Afeela owners. The EV boasts an 11 kW Level 2 charging capability, ensuring efficient charging for everyday use. Additionally, the Afeela comes equipped with a 150 kW DC fast charger, catering to the needs of those seeking a rapid charging solution. While specifics about the sedan’s drivetrain remain undisclosed, the emphasis on charging capabilities reflects a commitment to user convenience.

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