New Mahindra Electric SUV Revolution: BE.05, BE.07, Thar.e, and the Electric Future

Mahindra Electric SUVs

Mahindra, a household name in the Indian automobile industry, is taking a bold leap into the electric vehicle (EV) segment with its new “Born Electric” range. This exciting lineup comprises several SUVs catering to diverse needs, from compact city explorers to off-road beasts. While Mahindra hasn’t divulged exact prices yet, they’ve revealed details on the BE.05, BE.07, BE.Rall.e, XUV.e8, XUV.e9 (mistyped as xuv.08 in some sources), Thar.e, and BE.07 (duplicate entry). This article dives into everything we know about Mahindra’s electric vision, including estimated ranges, charging times, and what to expect from these upcoming EVs.

Electric Sub-Brands and INGLO Platform

Mahindra BE
Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

Mahindra’s electric ambitions come in two flavors: “Electrifying Twin Peaks” (XUV) and “BE”. The XUV sub-brand focuses on electric versions of existing Mahindra SUVs, while BE represents a new design language for ground-up EVs. Both sub-brands utilize the innovative INGLO platform, a modular electric architecture promising scalability, performance, and safety.

BE.05: A Compact City EV

Mahindra BE.05
Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

The BE.05 is Mahindra’s contender in the compact SUV segment, possibly rivaling the Hyundai Creta EV. While details are scarce, expect a city-friendly size with a practical range suitable for daily commutes. Mahindra suggests the INGLO platform can support batteries ranging from 60 kWh to 80 kWh, potentially translating to a range of around 300-400 km on a single charge. With the platform’s fast-charging capability (estimated at 0 to 80% in under 30 minutes), the BE.05 will likely cater to urban driving needs.

BE.07 and BE.Rall.e: Taking on Mid-Size Electric SUVs

BE.07 and BE.ralle
Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

The BE.07 and BE.0ralle seem positioned in the mid-size SUV segment, possibly competing with the likes of the MG ZS EV or Kia EV6. While Mahindra hasn’t confirmed specifics, educated guesses place their range between 400-500 km on a full charge, thanks to the potential 60-80 kWh battery pack options. The fast-charging capability of the INGLO platform should ensure convenient top-ups on longer journeys. The BE.0ralle might have off-road-oriented features, making it the electric adventure companion in the BE lineup.

XUV.e8 and XUV.e9: Electrifying the XUV Range

Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

The XUV.e8 and XUV.e9 are the electric avatars of Mahindra’s popular XUV700 and the rumored XUV900 coupe, respectively. Expect them to offer similar dimensions and features to their gasoline counterparts, but with a silent and powerful electric drivetrain. While Mahindra remains tight-lipped on specifics, anticipate a driving range potentially exceeding 400 km and compatibility with fast-charging infrastructure.

Thar.e: The Electric Off-Road Icon

Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

The Thar.e has electric enthusiasts buzzing with the possibility of a zero-emission off-roader. Mahindra’s iconic Thar is known for its ruggedness, and the Thar.e promises to retain that spirit while incorporating an electric powertrain. Specific details are yet to be revealed, but one can expect a powerful electric motor for tackling tough terrains and a potentially lower range compared to its on-road counterparts due to the demands of off-road driving.

A Look Ahead: Mahindra’s Electric Future

Image Credits: Mahindra Electric Automobile

Mahindra’s Born Electric range signifies a significant step towards a sustainable future for the Indian automaker. With a diverse lineup catering to various needs and the INGLO platform’s adaptability, Mahindra is well-positioned to compete in the growing electric vehicle market. While official launch dates and pricing are yet to be announced, stay tuned for further updates as Mahindra gears up to electrify Indian roads.

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