2024 Electric Car Launches in India: From Budget Hatchbacks to Premium EVs

2024 Electric Car Launches in India

The Indian electric vehicle (EV) market is poised for a significant surge in 2024. With increasing government support, growing environmental consciousness, and a wider range of choices, consumers are expected to embrace electric mobility like never before. This year promises a wave of exciting electric car launches across segments, catering to diverse needs and budgets. Let’s delve into some of the most anticipated electric car launches in India in 2024.

Citroen eC3 Aircross (Expected Launch: Mid-2024)

Citroen eC3 Aircross
Image Credit: Citroen

French automaker Citroen is all set to enter the Indian EV space with the eC3 Aircross. This feature-rich hatchback is expected to be priced competitively (around ₹15-17 lakh) and will take on the likes of the Tata Tiago EV.

Maruti Suzuki eVX (Expected Launch: Mid-2024)

Image Credit: Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest carmaker, is finally joining the EV bandwagon with the eVX. This feature-packed mid-size SUV is expected to be priced around ₹18 lakh and will likely challenge the dominance of the Hyundai Kona Electric in the segment.

Tata Curvv EV (Expected Launch: August 2024)

Tata Curvv EV
Image Credit: Tata Motors EV

Tata Motors is expanding its electric SUV portfolio with the Curvv EV. This stylish mid-size SUV is expected to slot in between the Nexon EV and Harrier EV, offering a blend of performance, range, and design appeal at a price range of ₹ 14 lakh to ₹ 20 lakh.

Hyundai Creta EV (Expected Launch: July 2025)

Hyundai, a pioneer in the Indian EV market, is expanding its portfolio with the Creta EV. Based on the popular Creta SUV, the electric version is expected to offer a spacious cabin, long range, and competitive pricing (around ₹20-25 lakh).

Mahindra XUV.e8 (Expected Launch: Late 2024)

Mahindra XUV.e8
Image Credit: Mahindra Electric SUV

Mahindra, a well-established name in the Indian SUV market, is gearing up to launch the XUV.e8. This electric SUV is built on a new platform and promises a luxurious driving experience with a spacious interior and a claimed range exceeding 400 km. The price is expected to be in the ₹25-30 lakh range.

Audi Q6 e-tron (Launched Earlier in 2025)

Audi Q6 e-tron
Image Credit: Audi

Audi has already launched the luxurious Q6 e-tron in India, priced at a premium (around ₹1 crore). This electric SUV offers a combination of performance, comfort, and cutting-edge technology, catering to a niche segment of EV buyers.

BMW i5 (Expected Launch: April 2024)

BMW i5
Image credit: BMW

BMW is preparing to launch the i5, a premium electric sedan positioned against the Mercedes-EQE. With a focus on sporty handling and luxurious interiors, the i5 is expected to be priced between ₹90 lakh and ₹1 crore.

Mercedes-Benz EQA (Expected Launch: May 2024)

Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is expanding its electric portfolio with the EQA, a compact luxury SUV. This feature-rich offering is expected to be priced around ₹60 lakh and will compete with the likes of the Audi e-tron and BMW iX.

The Road Ahead

The year 2024 marks a significant turning point for the Indian EV market. With a wider range of electric cars catering to various segments, consumers now have more choices than ever before. The launch of these vehicles is expected to further accelerate EV adoption in India, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future. As technology continues to evolve and charging infrastructure improves, electric cars are poised to become the mainstream choice for Indian car buyers in the years to come.

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