Owner loses leg as Mahindra Scorpio-N crashes; alleged suspension failure.

In a shocking turn of events, a recent Mahindra Scorpio-N accident has stirred the automotive community in India. The incident, involving a devastating aftermath resulting in the driver losing a leg, has raised serious concerns about vehicle safety and prompted a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading up to the accident.


The ill-fated Mahindra Scorpio-N, purchased in July 2023, embarked on a fateful journey from Pune to Nagpur. However, this wasn’t the first time the SUV encountered issues. During a prior trip to Tamil Nadu, the owner reported a disturbing noise emanating from the right front wheel while turning. Concerned, the owner approached the Mahindra service center, only to be reassured that it was a benign ABS unit sound.

Warning Signs Ignored

Despite the ominous noise, the owner continued using the vehicle. Soon after, a call from the service center revealed that the Scorpio-N fell within a recall batch, necessitating a visit for inspection and potential service. The owner, conscientiously listing issues including a grinding noise and an unusual sound while turning on slopes, entrusted the vehicle to Mahindra’s care.

Service Center Assurances

To the owner’s surprise, the service center asserted that the vehicle was in impeccable condition, dismissing the reported issues as negligible. Even when informed about the impending long trip, the service center adamantly maintained that the SUV was roadworthy and safe for travel.

The Terrifying Incident

Tragedy struck during the highway journey when the Scorpio-N suddenly veered to the right, causing the driver to lose control. The SUV collided with a steel barricade, resulting in catastrophic damage. The steel barricade penetrated the front of the vehicle up to the third row, ultimately severing the owner’s right leg below the knee.

Owner’s Allegations

In the aftermath, the owner took to social media, alleging that the accident resulted from the front wheel assembly collapsing, leading to a loss of steering control. Disturbingly, the owner claimed that Mahindra attempted to exert influence, with the police allegedly pressuring him to alter his statement. Adding to the complexity, the vehicle mysteriously caught fire six hours post-accident, following the disconnection of the battery.

Mahindra’s Response

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. swiftly responded to the incident through an official statement. Acknowledging the severity of the situation, the company expressed empathy for the affected families. While most passengers emerged unharmed, Mahindra recognized the gravity of one severe injury and pledged full cooperation in the ongoing investigation.

Technical Analysis

Addressing the unverified claims circulating on social media, Mahindra shared technical data indicating that the vehicle was traveling at a speed between 105-122 km/h. The company argued that at this speed, the energy produced (1,350 KJ) doubled the energy recorded at 80 km/h (617 KJ), significantly increasing the risk of injuries. Mahindra concluded that the high speed of the vehicle amplified the accident’s impact.

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