Maruti Brezza CNG Now Even More Attractive: Safety Features Added

Maruti Suzuki Brezza CNG

Maruti Suzuki has announced a significant safety upgrade for the CNG variants of its popular Brezza compact SUV. Effective immediately, all Brezza CNG models (LXi, VXi, and ZXi) will come equipped with Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and hill hold assist as standard features. These crucial safety technologies were previously exclusive to the petrol variants. This update enhances the Brezza CNG’s safety quotient without any impact on its price point.

Enhanced Safety for CNG Drivers

The inclusion of ESP in the Brezza CNG is a welcome development. ESP is a sophisticated system that helps maintain vehicle stability during critical maneuvers by automatically applying brakes and controlling engine power to individual wheels. This can prevent skids and loss of control, especially in slippery conditions or during emergency swerving.

Hill hold assist is another valuable feature, particularly for drivers navigating hilly terrains. It prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards on inclined slopes when the driver shifts from the brake pedal to the accelerator. This provides added control and prevents potential accidents during hill starts.

Unchanged Performance and Variants

The mechanical specifications of the Brezza CNG remain unchanged. It continues to be powered by the tried-and-tested 1.5-liter petrol engine that delivers 102bhp and 137Nm of torque in petrol mode. When running on CNG, the output reduces to 87bhp and 121 Nm. A 5-speed manual gearbox remains the sole transmission option for the CNG variants, while the petrol versions offer the additional choice of a 6-speed torque converter automatic.

A Compelling Choice for Safety-Conscious Buyers

Maruti Suzuki’s decision to equip the Brezza CNG with ESP and hill hold assist as standard features strengthens its value proposition for safety-conscious buyers. These crucial technologies can significantly enhance driving confidence and prevent potential accidents. With its proven CNG technology, spacious interiors, and now improved safety features, the Brezza CNG remains a compelling choice in the compact SUV segment.

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