Top Scooters Launched in India 2023: A Comprehensive Review

In 2023, the Indian scooter market witnessed a selective yet impactful influx of new models, each vying for a position in the hearts of consumers. While the motorcycle segment saw a multitude of new entrants, the scooter industry took a strategic approach, focusing on innovation and refinement. This article delves into the top five scooters launched in India in 2023, spotlighting standout features, pricing, and the unique value propositions offered by each.

Honda Activa 6G

1. Honda Activa 6G Smart Key: Elevating Convenience

Honda, a household name in the Indian scooter market, raised the bar with the introduction of the Activa 6G Smart Key model. This variant seamlessly integrates modernity with the already successful Activa lineup. Noteworthy features include keyless operations, allowing riders to effortlessly access the handlebar lock/unlock, under-seat storage, and fuel lid without physically using the key. The Activa 6G Smart Key also boasts an anti-theft function and vehicle tracking, enhancing both convenience and security. Despite these advancements, Honda maintains the tried-and-true design, engine, and hardware that have contributed to the Activa’s enduring success. The Activa 6G is competitively priced, starting at Rs. 76,234 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hero Xoom 125

2. Hero Xoom: Merging Affordability with Modernity

Hero MotoCorp entered 2023 with a bang, introducing the Xoom, a sporty scooter designed to appeal to the youth. The Xoom stands out with its unique design, featuring cuts and creases that exude modernity. Affordability and practicality are key selling points, complemented by modern features such as an LED headlight, Bluetooth connectivity, cornering lights, and a USB charging port. Powered by a 110.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine producing 8.05bhp and 8.70Nm, the Xoom offers three variants – LX, ZX, and VX – each catering to different preferences in terms of pricing, hardware, and features.

Ather 450X electric scooter gets new entry-level variant, priced under Rs 1 lakh

3. Ather 450X and 450S: A New Dawn in Electric Scooters

Ather, a pioneer in the electric scooter segment, revamped its product portfolio in 2023. The 450X, available in two variants with different battery pack options (2.9kWh and 3.7kWh), boasts cutting-edge technology. Meanwhile, the new 450S, equipped with a 2.9kWh battery, features a distinctive Deep View display and updated switch cubes compared to the 450X models. Pricing for the 450X starts at Rs. 1,37,999 for the smaller battery pack and Rs. 1,44,921 for the larger battery pack (both ex-showroom, Bengaluru). Ather also offers a Pro Pack, providing access to all scooter features for an additional cost of Rs. 20,000. The 450S, priced at Rs. 1.30 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), adds another dimension to Ather’s electric scooter lineup.

Ola Electric

4. Ola S1X: Affordable Excellence in Electric Mobility

Ola Electric introduced the S1X, expanding its electric scooter range with three variants – 2kWh, standard, and Plus. Positioned as the most affordable in Ola’s electric scooter lineup, the S1X competes favorably with the existing S1 and S1 Air models. Pricing differentiates the models, with the base trim at Rs. 89,999, mid-variant at Rs. 99,999, and the Plus variant at Rs. 1,09,999 (all ex-showroom, Bengaluru). Beyond pricing, the models vary in battery capacity, top speed, features, and charging time, offering consumers a spectrum of choices to suit their preferences.

Bajaj Chetak Urbane

5. 2024 Bajaj Chetak Urbane: Technological Advancements and Style

Bajaj, a stalwart in the two-wheeler market, revamped its Chetak electric scooter range with the introduction of the 2024 Chetak Urbane. This model comes equipped with the TecPac, featuring hill hold, reverse mode, and comprehensive smartphone connectivity. The Chetak Urbane boasts a higher top speed of 73kmph compared to the standard variant’s 63kmph, enhancing both performance and user experience. With four paint schemes to choose from, Bajaj has priced the Chetak Urbane competitively at Rs. 1,15,001 (ex-showroom, Pune).

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