Top 10 150cc Bikes in India 2024: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Ride

Top 10 150cc Bikes in India 2024

The 150cc motorcycle segment remains the backbone of the Indian two-wheeler market. Offering a perfect blend of affordability, fuel efficiency, and everyday usability, these bikes are ideal for city commutes and occasional highway runs. With numerous manufacturers and models vying for your attention, choosing the right 150cc bike can be overwhelming.

This comprehensive guide explores the Top 10 150cc bikes in India for 2024, providing detailed information on features, specifications, prices, and crucial buying factors to help you make an informed decision.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Engine & Performance: Power, acceleration, and smoothness are crucial. Consider your riding style (city commuting vs. highway riding).
  • Fuel Efficiency: Mileage is a prime concern for most Indian riders. Look for bikes known for delivering excellent fuel economy.
  • Comfort & Handling: A comfortable riding posture and well-tuned suspension are essential for long rides.
  • Features & Safety: Modern bikes offer features like digital instrument clusters, fuel injection, and disc brakes. Prioritize safety features like ABS.
  • Price & After-sales Service: Budget plays a key role. Reliable after-sales service ensures a smooth ownership experience.

Top Contenders: Feature-Packed 150cc Bikes for India

1. Bajaj Pulsar NS160 (Price: ₹ 1.23 Lakh onwards):

The NS160 is a stylish streetfighter known for its muscular design, comfortable riding posture, and peppy 160.3cc engine. It offers a good balance between performance and fuel efficiency, making it a well-rounded option for city riding.

2. TVS Apache RTR 160 4V (Price: ₹ 1.21 Lakh onwards):

Renowned for its sporty character and aggressive looks, the Apache RTR 160 4V boasts a refined 159.7cc engine with excellent acceleration. Packed with features like a multi-mode fuel injection system and a fully-digital instrument cluster, it caters to riders seeking a performance-oriented 150cc machine.

3. Yamaha FZ S FI (Price: ₹ 1.22 Lakh onwards):

The FZ S FI is a popular choice for its timeless design, comfortable ergonomics, and fuel-efficient 149cc engine. Renowned for its balanced handling and maneuverability, it’s a great option for everyday commuting and navigating city traffic.

4. Suzuki Gixxer SF (Price: ₹ 1.37 Lakh onwards):

The Gixxer SF stands out for its sharp styling, sporty riding position, and refined 155cc engine. It offers a comfortable ride with good performance, making it suitable for both city commutes and occasional highway trips.

5. Bajaj Pulsar 150 (Price: ₹ 1.12 Lakh onwards):

A legend in the 150cc segment, the Pulsar 150 is known for its affordability, reliability, and decent fuel efficiency. It’s a value-for-money option for everyday use, offering a comfortable ride and easy maneuverability in city traffic.

Additional Options for Diverse Needs:

6. Bajaj Pulsar N150 (Price: ₹ 1.18 Lakh onwards):

A more feature-rich version of the Pulsar 150, the N150 offers a modern design, comfortable ergonomics, and a fuel-efficient 149.5cc engine. It’s a good choice for riders seeking a stylish and practical commuter bike.

7. Yamaha FZ-X (Price: ₹ 1.33 Lakh onwards):

The FZ-X is a new-age commuter with a crossover design, combining the practicality of a commuter with the ruggedness of an adventure bike. Featuring a comfortable riding position and a fuel-efficient 149cc engine, it caters to riders seeking a bike for both city commutes and occasional off-road excursions.

8. Honda Unicorn (Price: ₹ 1.03 Lakh onwards):

The Unicorn is a trusted workhorse known for its excellent fuel efficiency, comfortable ride, and low maintenance costs. While not the most exciting option, it’s a practical choice for those prioritizing mileage and everyday usability.

9. Honda X-Blade (Price: ₹ 1.16 Lakh onwards):

The X-Blade offers a sporty alternative to the Unicorn. Featuring a sharp design, a powerful 162.71cc engine, and a comfortable riding position, it caters to riders seeking a balance of style, performance, and practicality.

10. Hero Xtreme 160R (Price: ₹ 1.18 Lakh onwards):

The Xtreme 160R is a stylish commuter that offers a comfortable ride, a refined 163cc engine, and good fuel efficiency. Packed with features like a digital instrument cluster and LED headlamps, it’s a well-rounded option for everyday use.


The Indian 150cc motorcycle segment offers a diverse range of options to cater to various needs and budgets. By considering your riding style, budget, and desired features, you can select the perfect 150cc companion for your daily adventures. Remember to research individual models, take test rides, and prioritize safety by wearing a helmet and following traffic regulations. Happy riding!

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