BMW F 900 R: All You Need to Know About Performance, Specs, and Price

BMW F 900 R

The BMW F 900 R is a head-turning roadster that injects excitement into every ride. Introduced in 2019, this motorcycle delivers a captivating blend of dynamic performance, intuitive handling, and sleek design. Whether you’re carving up corners on your favorite backroads or cruising in style, the F 900 R is a machine built to exhilarate.

This article dives deep into everything you need to know about the BMW F 900 R, including its key features, specifications, pricing, and more. So, buckle up and get ready to discover why the F 900 R might be your perfect riding companion.

Unleash the Thrill: Performance Packed

At the heart of the F 900 R lies a potent 895cc parallel-twin engine churning out an impressive 104.6 horsepower and 92 Nm of torque. This refined powerplant delivers a thrilling ride with smooth acceleration and ample power for overtaking maneuvers. The engine is Euro 5 compliant, ensuring responsible performance without compromising on excitement.

A 6-speed gearbox with slick gear shifts ensures a connected and intuitive riding experience. The F 900 R boasts a lightweight steel frame that provides a perfect balance between stability and agility, allowing you to carve through corners with confidence.

Technology for a Seamless Ride

The F 900 R isn’t just about power; it’s packed with technology to enhance your ride. A standard 6.5-inch TFT display offers excellent visibility and puts vital information like speed, RPM, and fuel level at your fingertips. The display also integrates with BMW Motorrad Connectivity, allowing you to connect your smartphone for features like music playback and turn-by-turn navigation (optional).

For enhanced safety, the F 900 R comes equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard. Further safety features like Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and ABS Pro are available as options, giving you an extra confidence boost on challenging roads.

Comfort and Control

The F 900 R is designed to provide a comfortable and confidence-inspiring riding position. The handlebars are perfectly positioned for optimal control, while the seat offers good support for both rider and passenger. The adjustable windshield (optional) provides additional comfort on longer journeys.

The suspension system, featuring a 43mm telescopic fork upfront and a monoshock at the rear, delivers a smooth and balanced ride, soaking up bumps and irregularities with ease.

Striking Design Language

The BMW F 900 R isn’t just a performer; it’s a head-turner. The muscular design with sharp lines and a compact front end exudes an aggressive and dynamic character. The sleek LED headlight with optional cornering lights adds a touch of sophistication, while the short tail section and low-mounted exhaust complete the sporty look.

The F 900 R comes in three color options: Hockenheim Silver Metallic/Racing Red, San Marino Blue Metallic, and Black Storm Metallic.

Knowing the Numbers: Specifications

Here’s a quick look at the key specifications of the BMW F 900 R:

  • Engine: 895cc, parallel-twin
  • Horsepower: 104.6 HP
  • Torque: 92 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed gearbox
  • Brakes: Dual discs (front), single disc (rear) with ABS (standard)
  • Suspension: 43mm telescopic fork (front), monoshock (rear)
  • Weight: 211 kg (kerb weight)

[Disclaimer: Please note that specifications may vary depending on region.]

Price and Availability

The BMW F 900 R is no longer in production, but you can still find new or pre-owned models at dealerships. The price may vary depending on the model year, condition, and mileage. In India, the F 900 R was launched with a starting ex-showroom price of ₹9.90 lakh.

The Final Verdict: A Ride Worth Taking

The BMW F 900 R is a captivating roadster that offers an exciting blend of performance, technology, and comfort. Its powerful engine, agile handling, and rider-focused features make it a thrilling machine for riders who crave an exhilarating riding experience. While it’s no longer in production, finding a pre-owned F 900 R could be a great choice for those seeking a dynamic and stylish motorcycle.

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