Unveiling the Powerhouse: KTM Releases 1390 Super Duke R EVO for 2024

Dominating the Hyper Naked Segment

In the realm of two-wheeled titans, KTM has unleashed a beast that redefines power and performance – the 2024 KTM 1390 SUPER DUKE R EVO. Stripped down and unapologetically raw, this machine is poised to dominate the Hyper Naked segment, ascending to the zenith of motorcycling excellence.

Purity, Performance, Adventure, and Extreme Unleashed

KTM motorcycles embody a philosophy rooted in purity of design, unwavering performance, a thirst for adventure, and an affinity for pushing the limits. It’s a commitment to the READY TO RACE mentality, where every ride becomes an immersive experience focused solely on the thrill of the journey. The 1390 Super Duke R EVO epitomizes this ethos, placing the power and performance firmly in the hands of the rider for the ultimate, distraction-free ride.

Evolution of the LC8 V-Twin: Meet the 1390 Super Duke R EVO

Building on the legacy of the 1290 Super Duke family, KTM introduces the 1390 Super Duke R EVO, a V-Twin marvel that surpasses its predecessor. This naked beast, covered in our August feature, boasts an upgraded LC8 V-twin engine that promises an unprecedented surge of power.

Unleashing 188 Horsepower

The heart of this mechanical masterpiece lies in its 1,350cc power platform, generating a staggering 188 horsepower at 10,000rpm. The torque, an impressive 107lb-ft at 8,300rpm, ensures an exhilarating acceleration that puts the rider in control of unbridled power.

Cutting-Edge Semi-Active Technology (SAT)

The 1390 Super Duke R EVO is not just about raw power; it’s about intelligent control. KTM’s engineering prowess shines with the implementation of the most advanced Semi-Active Technology (SAT) system on the market. A lighter fork, equipped with variable damping and both automatic and manual adjustability, guarantees a responsive and adaptive ride.

Precision Braking with Brembo Stylema Calipers

Rolling out on Michelin Power GP wheels, this powerhouse features 4-piston Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers gripping a 320mm disc upfront. Complementing this, a twin-piston fixed caliper secures a single 240mm disc at the rear. The MCS Radial brake master cylinder, with distance and ratio adjustability, ensures precision braking, while a new Brembo clutch cylinder offers self-ventilation.

Customizable Controls for the Ultimate Ride

In the world of the 1390 Super Duke R EVO, control is paramount. All braking and shifting controls are fully adjustable, providing riders with the ability to fine-tune their experience. An added perk is the inclusion of a reverse shift pattern and shift lever throw, enhancing the bike’s adaptability to individual preferences.

Redefining Stance and Aerodynamics

This motorcycle isn’t just about power; it’s about presence. The 4.6-gallon fuel tank, a shift from the previous 3.9 gallons, leans back for improved mass centralization. Coupled with 10 liters of airbox capacity, new aerodynamic winglets, a 900g-lighter LED headlight, and five Ride Modes (Street, Sport, Rain, Performance, and Track), the 1390 Super Duke R EVO strikes a more aggressive and aerodynamic pose.

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