Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs KTM 250 Duke: Streetfight for Supremacy!

Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs KTM 250 Duke

Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs KTM 250 Duke: Bajaj’s much-awaited Pulsar N250 has finally hit the Indian streets on April 10, 2024, throwing down the gauntlet to the segment leader, the KTM 250 Duke. Both motorcycles cater to the growing market of performance-oriented riders seeking a balance between power and practicality. But which one emerges victorious? Let’s dissect the 2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 and the KTM 250 Duke across design, features, specifications, price, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Design: Streetfighter Flair vs Cruiser Comfort

The Pulsar N250 adopts a muscular streetfighter stance with a sculpted fuel tank, LED DRLs, and a split-seat design. In contrast, the 250 Duke boasts a sharper, aggressive look with a trellis frame on display, a raised tail section, and a single-piece seat. The Pulsar N250 prioritizes comfort with a relaxed riding posture, while the Duke leans towards a sportier, tucked-in riding position.

Features: Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs KTM 250 Duke

The Pulsar N250 focuses on utility, featuring a semi-digital instrument cluster with trip meter, distance to empty indicator, and a gear position indicator. It boasts a comfortable split seat with a pillion backrest and a USB charging port for on-the-go convenience. The 250 Duke counters with a fully digital instrument cluster, offering a more comprehensive range of information. It retains its sharp design language even in features, sporting a sculpted headlight with LED DRLs and a sharply designed turn indicator setup.

Specifications: Performance Punch

Both motorcycles share a similar displacement of 249cc, but the KTM edges out the Pulsar in terms of power, producing 30 PS compared to the Pulsar’s 24.5 PS. The Duke also boasts slightly higher torque figures at 24 Nm against the Pulsar’s 21.5 Nm. However, the Pulsar N250 is expected to deliver better fuel efficiency with a claimed mileage of 35 kmpl compared to the Duke’s 30 kmpl. The Pulsar N250 utilizes a conventional telescopic front suspension and a monoshock at the rear, while the 250 Duke employs a more performance-oriented WP Apex suspension setup. Both bikes come with disc brakes on both wheels, with the Duke offering an optional dual-channel ABS variant.

Price: Bajaj Pulsar N250 vs KTM 250 Duke

The Bajaj Pulsar N250 strikes a significant blow with its aggressive price tag. Starting at ₹ 1.49 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), it undercuts the KTM 250 Duke by a substantial margin, with the Duke’s price starting at ₹ 2.39 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). This significant price difference makes the Pulsar N250 a highly attractive option for budget-conscious riders seeking a feature-rich and comfortable ride.

The Verdict: A Choice for Every Rider

The 2024 Bajaj Pulsar N250 and the KTM 250 Duke cater to distinct rider preferences. The Pulsar N250 offers a value-packed proposition with a comfortable riding stance, user-friendly features, and impressive fuel efficiency. It’s ideal for everyday commuting and cruising. The KTM 250 Duke, on the other hand, prioritizes performance with more power, sharper handling, and a sportier riding position. It caters to riders seeking a thrilling and aggressive street experience.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to your priorities. If you crave a feature-rich, comfortable, and budget-friendly motorcycle, the Pulsar N250 is a compelling option. But if you prioritize raw power, sharp handling, and a sporty character, the KTM 250 Duke might be your perfect match. Take both bikes for a test ride to experience their personalities firsthand and make an informed decision that aligns with your riding style and budget.

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