UFO Car Pulled Over in Missouri! Here’s the Story Behind the Viral Traffic Stop

UFO Car Pulled Over in Missouri

Imagine a regular day at work taking a turn for the extraordinary. That’s exactly what happened to a sheriff’s deputy in Crawford County, Missouri, when he spotted a sight straight out of science fiction cruising down the highway: a flying saucer!

This wasn’t your typical spaceship sighting, though. The quirky vehicle, resembling Rick and Morty’s iconic interdimensional cruiser, turned out to be a custom-built car on its way to a UFO festival in Roswell, New Mexico. The officer’s routine traffic stop transformed into a once-in-a-lifetime encounter, with photos and a hilarious social media post documenting the event.

Out-of-This-World Traffic Stop in Missouri

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shared details of the unusual traffic stop. The post revealed that the friendly “humanoids” operating the vehicle assured the officer they came in peace. A lighthearted conversation ensued, with the officer jokingly addressing the car’s out-of-state registration (from “Krypton” no less) and reminding the extraterrestrial visitors about Earth’s traffic laws (“strict enforcement of warp speed” and responsible phaser use).

Earthly Origins of the UFO-Car

Social media sleuths quickly identified the street-legal flying saucer as the creation of Steve Anderson, a mechanic and actor from Indianapolis. This unique ride, built on a Geo Metro chassis with its original engine, boasts a custom saucer-shaped body and a bubble canopy that puts even the Tesla Cybertruck to shame in terms of sheer unconventionality.

UFO Car Pulled Over in Missouri
Image Credits: Facebook/Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri

A Viral Ride with a Long History

According to a 9-year-old YouTube video by WTHR 13 News, Anderson thrives on the attention his UFO-car generates. This Missouri traffic stop likely wasn’t his first encounter with law enforcement. Regardless, it’s safe to say this extraterrestrial Geo Metro will continue to turn heads and spark conversations for years to come.

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