Noida Police: New Year’s Eve Traffic Advisory

As the New Year approaches, revelers in Noida gear up for festive celebrations, but it’s crucial to be aware of the traffic advisory issued by the Noida Police to ensure a smooth transition into the new year. This guide provides a detailed overview of the traffic arrangements, diversions, and precautions outlined by the authorities for December 31.

Hefty Penalties and Vehicle Seizures: A Stern Warning

The Noida Police have left no room for ambiguity in their advisory, issuing a stern warning of strict action, including hefty fines and vehicle seizures, against violators of traffic rules. This particularly applies to instances of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The gravity of these consequences underscores the importance of adhering to the traffic guidelines during the New Year festivities.

Elaborate Traffic Arrangements for New Year Celebrations

Amid the elaborate preparations for New Year celebrations, the Noida Police have rolled out a comprehensive traffic advisory for December 31. The advisory aims to caution the public about potential diversions, especially in areas near crowded markets and shopping malls where celebrations are expected to be in full swing on New Year’s Eve.

Strategic Traffic Diversions

The advisory outlines strategic traffic diversions planned near prominent locations such as the Sector 18 market, and major shopping malls including the Greater Indian Place, DLF Mall of India, Gardens Galleria, Centre Stage Mall, Logix, Spectrum, Starling Edge, SkyOne in Noida. Additionally, diversions will be implemented near Ansal, Venice Mall, Gaur City Mall, Pari Chow, and Jagat Farm in Greater Noida. These diversions aim to manage the anticipated surge in vehicular traffic during the celebratory night.

Parking Regulations: A Call for Compliance

To further streamline traffic flow, the Noida Police strongly advise individuals to park their vehicles only in designated parking lots. Parking on roads or in unauthorized spots is not only discouraged but may also result in penalties. This measure aims to prevent congestion and ensure the smooth movement of vehicles during the festivities.

Emergency Helpline and Alternative Routes

In the event of traffic-related inconveniences, the Noida Police have established an emergency helpline number – 9971009001. This helpline serves as a direct communication channel for individuals facing difficulties on the road during New Year’s Eve. Additionally, the advisory encourages the use of alternative routes to mitigate any potential inconveniences, reinforcing the importance of proactive traffic management.

Organized Celebrations: Police Permissions Required

The Additional Commissioner Of Police (law and order), Anand Kulkarni, emphasizes the importance of police permissions for large gatherings and parties on the New Year’s Eve. Organizers intending to host such events must adhere to this requirement. Kulkarni asserts that the police will deploy teams, including plainclothes officers, at malls, pubs, and other locations to enforce law and order during the celebrations.

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