Tata Punch Electric Car: Price, Range, Specs and Everything You Need to Know

Tata Punch Electric Car: Price, Range, Specs and Everything You Need to Know

The Tata Punch, a popular subcompact SUV, has taken the Indian car market by storm. Now, Tata Motors ups the game with the much-anticipated Tata Punch EV, an electric iteration offering an exciting blend of city maneuverability, sustainable power, and SUV flair. Let’s delve into the key details of the Punch EV, including its price range, driving range, technical specifications, features, and more, to help you decide if this electric SUV is your perfect urban companion.

Punching Above Its Weight: A Feature-Rich Electric SUV

The Tata Punch EV inherits the bold design of its petrol counterpart while incorporating EV-specific elements like a closed-off grille. But the true charm lies within. The Punch EV boasts a feature-rich cabin with a modern dashboard, a touchscreen infotainment system, automatic climate control, and comfortable seating for five. Safety is prioritized with six airbags, ABS with EBD, and other driver-assist features.

Tata Punch Electric Car Price

The Tata Punch electric car caters to a wider audience with a starting ex-showroom price of ₹ 10.99 lakh, making it a compelling proposition in the electric SUV segment. The price varies depending on the variant, with top-end models reaching up to ₹ 15.49 lakh. With five trims (Smart, Smart+, Adventure, Empowered, and Empowered+) and two battery range options (Standard and Long Range), you can find a Punch EV that perfectly matches your budget and driving needs.

Striking a Balance: Range Between 315 km and 421 km

The Tata Punch EV offers a decent driving range, catering to daily commutes and occasional highway trips. The standard battery pack delivers a claimed range of 315 km, while the long-range variant extends it to a significant 421 km. This range variation allows you to choose between affordability (standard battery) and extended range (long-range battery) depending on your driving habits.

Silent Power: Electric Performance

While exact technical specifications are awaited, the Punch EV is expected to pack a punch (pun intended) in terms of performance. Early reports suggest a permanent magnet synchronous motor offering ample power for city driving and quick acceleration. The automatic transmission ensures a smooth and hassle-free driving experience.

Charging Up for the Future

The Tata Punch EV offers convenient charging solutions for both home and on-the-go situations.

  • Fast charging: Perfect for long trips or quick top-ups, DC fast chargers can replenish the battery from 10% to 80% in around 56 minutes.
  • Regular AC charging: Ideal for overnight charging at home, a 7.2 kW charger can fully charge the standard battery in 3.6 hours, while the Long Range model takes 5 hours.

Tata Punch Electric Car: A Compelling Urban Mobility Solution

With its competitive price range, practical driving range, feature-rich interior, and SUV-inspired design, the Tata Punch EV emerges as a strong contender in the electric car market. Whether you’re a young urban professional seeking a stylish and sustainable ride or a family looking for a comfortable and eco-friendly city car, the Punch EV is definitely worth considering. Stay tuned for further updates and test drive opportunities as the Punch EV gears up to conquer the Indian roads.

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