Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube: Battle of the Family Electric Scooters

Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube

Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube: Previously the undisputed champion of family-friendly electric scooters, the TVS iQube now faces competition from the new Ather Rizta. Both scooters boast features and functionality that cater to families, but which one reigns supreme? Let’s delve into their battery specifications and feature sets to find out.

Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube: Battery Power and Performance

The Ather Rizta offers two battery choices: a 2.9kWh unit and a 3.7kWh unit. The smaller battery boasts a claimed IDC range of 123 kilometers, while the larger one extends that range to 160 kilometers. The Rizta has a top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. In terms of charging, the 2.9kWh battery takes six hours and 40 minutes for a full charge, while the 3.7kWh battery takes four hours and 30 minutes.

The TVS iQube comes in three variants and offers two battery options as well: a 4.5kWh unit and a 3kWh unit. The larger battery provides a claimed IDC range of 145 kilometers and a top speed of 82 kilometers per hour, while the smaller battery delivers a 100-kilometer range and a 78 kilometers per hour top speed.

SpecificationsAther RiztaTVS iQube
Battery2.9kWh | 3.7kWh3kWh | 4.5kWh
Range123km | 160km100km | 145km
Recharge Time6.4 hrs | 4.3 hrs4.3 hrs | 4 hrs
Top Speed80 kmph 78 kmph82 kmph

Ather Rizta vs TVS iQube: Feature Face-Off

The Ather Rizta comes loaded with features, inheriting everything from the 450 series. This includes a TFT or LCD dash (depending on the variant), phone connectivity, a fall-safe function, skid control, hill hold, a magic twist function, two ride modes, LED lighting, and a combined storage space of 56 liters.

Hardware-wise, the Rizta is equipped with telescopic front forks, a disc brake in the front and a drum brake at the rear, and a monoshock rear suspension. Additionally, Ather offers a variety of accessories for customization.

The TVS iQube boasts a standard TFT dash and provides a range of connectivity features through a dedicated mobile app, including navigation, call alerts, and geo-fencing. Similar to the Rizta, the iQube offers two ride modes. However, the Ather outshines the iQube in terms of the sheer number of features and safety options.

The Verdict

Both the Ather Rizta and the TVS iQube are strong contenders in the family electric scooter segment. The Rizta offers a longer range with its larger battery option and boasts a comprehensive feature set with a focus on safety. The TVS iQube counters with a slightly higher top speed on its larger battery variant and features a user-friendly mobile app for connectivity.

Ultimately, the choice between these two scooters depends on your priorities. If maximizing range and safety features are paramount, the Ather Rizta might be the better fit. If you prioritize a connected experience with a slightly higher top speed, the TVS iQube could be your ideal choice. Consider your needs and preferences before making your final decision.

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