Hyundai Exter vs Maruti Suzuki Fronx: Features, Specs & Price Compared

Hyundai Exter vs Maruti Suzuki Fronx

Choosing a compact SUV in India can be overwhelming. Two strong contenders are the feature-rich Hyundai Exter and the fuel-efficient Maruti Suzuki Fronx. Both offer compelling options for budget-minded car buyers, but which one reigns supreme? This in-depth comparison will dissect the Exter and Fronx, analyzing their features, specifications, price points, and other crucial factors to guide you towards the perfect choice.

Understanding Your Needs

Before diving in, consider your priorities. Do you crave a feature-laden cabin with cutting-edge technology? Or is fuel efficiency and a spacious interior your top concern? Identifying your needs will steer you towards the car that best aligns with your lifestyle.

Feature Face-Off: Exter vs Fronx

  • Tech Territory: The Exter boasts a touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity, while the Fronx offers a simpler setup with smartphone pairing capabilities. The Exter goes a step further with a digital instrument cluster on higher trims, absent in the Fronx.
  • Safety Matters: Both vehicles come equipped with essential safety features like dual airbags, ABS with EBD, and seatbelt pre-tensioners. However, the Exter offers additional features on higher trims like a rear parking camera and hill-start assist, which might be a deciding factor for some buyers.
  • Comfort Crusaders: The Fronx edges out the Exter in terms of cabin space, particularly in the rear. Taller passengers might find the Fronx’s headroom and legroom more accommodating. However, the Exter fights back with a slightly larger boot space, making it a better choice for those who prioritize luggage capacity.

Engineered for Efficiency:

Both the Exter and Fronx come with a 1.2-liter petrol engine option. The Exter offers an additional CNG variant, catering to those seeking superior fuel economy. While power figures are similar, the Fronx delivers slightly better mileage on petrol, with a claimed figure of 21.79 kmpl compared to the Exter’s 19.4 kmpl.

Price Point Parity:

The Hyundai Exter starts at a more attractive price point of ₹ 6.13 Lakh (ex-showroom) compared to the Maruti Suzuki Fronx’s starting price of ₹ 7.51 Lakh (ex-showroom). This price difference might be a significant factor for budget-conscious buyers.

The Final Showdown

Choosing between the Exter and Fronx depends on your priorities. The feature-rich Exter with its touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrument cluster (on higher trims) is a great choice for tech-savvy buyers. The Fronx, on the other hand, counters with its spacious cabin, better fuel efficiency, and slightly higher safety features on top trims. Ultimately, the winner is the car that best aligns with your individual needs and preferences.

Additional Considerations:

  • Brand Reputation: Hyundai is known for its feature-laden cars, while Maruti Suzuki enjoys a reputation for reliable and fuel-efficient vehicles. Consider your brand preference when making your decision.
  • After-Sales Service: Maruti Suzuki’s extensive service network might be a factor for some buyers, particularly those in smaller towns. However, Hyundai has been steadily expanding its service network as well.
  • Test Drive the Difference: Take both vehicles for a test drive to experience their handling, performance, and cabin comfort firsthand. This will give you a better idea of which car feels more comfortable and suited to your driving style.

By carefully evaluating the features, specifications, price points, and other factors discussed in this comparison, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision between the Hyundai Exter and Maruti Suzuki Fronx. Remember, the perfect car is the one that best meets your individual needs and driving preferences.

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