Hyundai Exter vs Maruti Suzuki Fronx: A Compact SUV Showdown

vs Maruti Suzuki Fronx

India’s compact SUV market is heating up with the arrival of two new contenders: the Hyundai Exter and the Maruti Suzuki Fronx. Both vehicles promise a compelling blend of style, practicality, and efficiency. But which one is right for you? This comprehensive comparison delves into the key features, specifications, pricing, and other crucial factors to help you make an informed decision.

Price & Fuel Efficiency

The Hyundai Exter boasts a starting price of ₹ 6.13 lakh (ex-showroom), making it a more budget-friendly option compared to the Maruti Suzuki Fronx, which starts at ₹ 7.51 lakh (ex-showroom). The Exter offers two fuel options: a 1.2-liter petrol engine with a claimed mileage of 19.4 kmpl and a CNG variant for even greater fuel economy. The Fronx also comes in both petrol and CNG options, with its 1.2-liter petrol engine promising a slightly better mileage of 21.79 kmpl.

Features & Technology

The Hyundai Exter packs a punch in terms of features. It boasts a fully digital instrument cluster, a voice-activated sunroof, a factory-fitted dual dashcam, and cruise control. Maruti Suzuki Fronx, on the other hand, might feel a tad basic in comparison. However, it offers essential features like a touchscreen infotainment system, steering-mounted audio controls, and automatic climate control on higher trims.

Safety & Performance

Safety is paramount, and both SUVs come equipped with essential safety features like airbags, ABS with EBD, and seatbelt reminders. The Hyundai Exter goes a step further with advanced safety features like Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Vehicle Stability Management (VSM). While official power figures for the Fronx are yet to be revealed, both cars are expected to be powered by similar 1.2-liter petrol engines offering adequate performance for city driving.

Space & Comfort

Both the Exter and Fronx offer ample space for five passengers, with comfortable seating and decent legroom. The Exter might have a slight edge in terms of boot space, making it a good choice for those who frequently travel with luggage. When it comes to ride quality, both SUVs prioritize comfort with well-tuned suspensions that handle bumps and uneven roads effectively.

Brand Value & Service Network

Hyundai is known for its feature-rich, well-designed cars, and the Exter lives up to that reputation. Maruti Suzuki, on the other hand, enjoys a strong brand value in India due to its widespread service network and readily available spare parts. This translates to potentially lower maintenance costs for the Fronx in the long run.

The Verdict

The choice between the Hyundai Exter and Maruti Suzuki Fronx boils down to your priorities. If you prioritize features, technology, and a slightly lower price tag, the Exter is a compelling option. But if a wider service network, potentially lower maintenance costs, and slightly better fuel efficiency are your main concerns, the Fronx might be a better fit. Ultimately, a test drive of both SUVs is recommended to determine which one suits your driving style and preferences best.

Additional Considerations

While both cars are expected to be launched in 2024, confirmed launch dates and variant details might differ. It’s advisable to stay updated with official announcements from Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. Additionally, consider factors like availability in your region, after-sales service reputation of dealerships, and any potential introductory offers before making your final decision

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