Suzuki Access 125 vs. Honda Activa 125: A Detailed Comparison for 2024

Suzuki Access 125 vs. Honda Activa 125

Choosing the right 125cc scooter in India can be overwhelming, especially with two enduring champions like the Suzuki Access 125 and the Honda Activa 125 vying for dominance. Both scooters boast strong brand legacies, reliable performance, and cater to a vast user base. But which one truly reigns supreme? This comprehensive comparison delves into the latest features, specifications, price points, and other crucial differences to guide your informed decision.

Performance and Engine Specs:

While both feature air-cooled, single-cylinder 125cc engines, the Access 125 edges out the Activa in terms of power. Its engine produces 8.7 PS compared to the Activa’s 8.30 PS, translating to slightly better acceleration. However, the Activa boasts a higher torque figure of 10.4 Nm compared to the Access’s 10 Nm, potentially offering a smoother ride experience at lower speeds.

Fuel Efficiency:

Fuel economy is a top priority for Indian scooter buyers. Here, the Honda Activa 125 shines with a claimed mileage of 60 kmpl, significantly higher than the Access 125’s 45 kmpl. This translates to substantial fuel cost savings in the long run, making the Activa a clear winner in this aspect.

Features and Design:

Both scooters offer a practical and comfortable ride experience. The Activa features a slightly more modern design with a wider seat and larger under-seat storage capacity. However, the Access 125 boasts a wider range of features across variants, including a USB charging port, external fuel filler cap (on select trims), and a Bluetooth connectivity option (Ride Connect edition).

Price and Variants:

The Honda Activa 125 holds a slight edge in terms of starting price, with its base variant starting around Rs. 79,806 (ex-showroom, Delhi) compared to the Access 125’s Rs. 79,900 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Both scooters offer multiple variants with additional features like disc brakes and alloy wheels, impacting the final price.

Additional Considerations:

  • Brand Trust: Both Honda and Suzuki enjoy strong brand reputations in India, known for reliability and after-sales service.
  • Resale Value: The Honda Activa generally holds a better resale value due to its widespread popularity.
  • Personal Preference: Design aesthetics, comfort levels, and specific feature requirements can play a significant role in your final choice.

The Verdict:

Choosing between the Suzuki Access 125 and the Honda Activa 125 depends on your individual priorities. If fuel efficiency is your top concern, the Activa is the clear winner. However, if you prioritize power, features, and a wider range of color options, the Access 125 presents a compelling alternative. Ultimately, a test ride of both scooters is highly recommended to determine which best suits your riding style and preferences.

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