Racing Like No Other: Unveiling the New BMW M 1000 RR

The automotive world has been set ablaze with the grand unveiling of the new BMW M 1000 RR in India. This powerhouse of a motorcycle, available as completely built-up units (CBU), is now open for pre-orders at all BMW Motorrad India authorized dealerships.

A Testament to Excellence by Mr. Vikram Pawah

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President, BMW Group India, expressed his excitement, stating, “With the new BMW M 1000 RR, BMW Motorrad has set a new milestone in the field of superbikes. It is a motorcycle built for those who are driven by passion and ready to take on challenges.” Pawah emphasized the winning aesthetics, uncompromising acceleration, and pure performance of the M 1000 RR, underlining its status as a symbol of absolute performance and exclusivity.

Unveiling the Price Tags

For enthusiasts eyeing this marvel, the new BMW M 1000 RR comes in two variants, each with its own allure:

  • The new BMW M 1000 RR – INR 49,00,000
  • The new BMW M 1000 RR Competition – INR 55,00,000

It’s crucial to note that prices prevailing at the time of invoicing will be applicable, and the ex-showroom prices are inclusive of GST and compensation cess.

BMW M 1000 R

Exclusivity in Design and Finish

The aesthetics of the new BMW M 1000 RR are nothing short of spectacular. The motorcycle boasts exclusive paint finishes, with Light White / M Motorsport gracing the new BMW M 1000 RR and Blackstorm metallic / M Motorsport adorning the new BMW M 1000 RR Competition.

Financial Flexibility for Aspiring Owners

To facilitate ownership, BMW Financial Services India steps in with customized and flexible financial solutions. Prospective owners can have their loans pre-approved before the thrill of taking delivery kicks in.

Unmatched Warranty and Roadside Assistance

Owning a BMW Motorrad bike guarantees peace of mind. The new M 1000 RR comes with a standard warranty of ‘three years, unlimited kilometers,’ with an option to extend to the fourth and fifth year. Roadside Assistance, a 24×7 365-day package, further ensures prompt services in breakdown and towing situations.

BMW M 1000 RR
BMW Motorrad

Engineering Marvel: Design and Aerodynamics

The design of the new BMW M 1000 RR is a testament to victory, featuring a lightweight, intricately crafted fairing in visible carbon fiber with M Design tapes. The chassis, anchored by the aluminum bridge frame, is complemented by an upside-down fork and central suspension strut with Full Floater Pro kinematics.

Powering Performance

At the heart of the new M RR is a water-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 999 cc, meticulously designed for racing. The engine roars with a peak output of 212 hp (156 kW) at 14,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm. The M RR accelerates from 0-100 km in a mere 3.1 seconds and boasts a maximum speed of 314 km/h.

BMW M 1000 R
BMW Motorrad

Precision in Engineering

The engine’s highlights include lightweight 2-ring forged pistons, BMW ShiftCam technology for varying valve timing and lift, titanium valves, optimized camshafts, and longer titanium connecting rods for reduced friction power and lower weight. The intake system features shorter intake funnels for optimized charge exchange at high engine speeds.

Technological Advancements

The new BMW M 1000 RR is not just a powerhouse; it’s a technological marvel. Equipped with a 6.5-inch TFT display, start-up animation with M logo, and OBD interface for M GPS Datalogger and M GPS Laptrigger, it’s a rider’s dream. Riding modes like “Rain,” “Road,” “Dynamic,” “Race,” and “Race Pro1-3” offer adaptability to diverse conditions. The Dynamic Traction Control and DTC wheelie function with a 6-axis sensor box ensure optimal control.

Unveiling the M Competition Package

For enthusiasts seeking an extra edge, the M Competition Package offers a mix of refined components. This includes the M GPS Laptrigger software, M milled parts package, M Carbon package, and a host of other features, elevating the racing experience to new heights.

Personalization and Accessories

Beyond the awe-inspiring features, the new BMW M 1000 RR offers a comprehensive range of optional equipment and original BMW Motorcycle accessories, allowing owners to personalize their riding experience.

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