Honda Hness CB350: Price, Mileage & All You Need to Know

Honda Hness CB350

Cruising down the highway on a motorcycle that evokes a sense of nostalgia and timeless design, that’s the experience the Honda Hness CB350 promises. This middleweight cruiser, launched in 2021, has quickly garnered a loyal following in India and across the globe. But is the Hness CB350 all about aesthetics? Absolutely not! This feature-packed machine offers impressive performance, decent fuel economy, and a comfortable riding posture, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking a well-rounded package.

This article delves into everything you need to know about the Honda Hness CB350, including its price, mileage, features, specifications, and what makes it stand out in the crowded motorcycle market.

Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Price and Variants:

The Honda Hness CB350 comes in four distinct variants:

  • Hness CB350 (base variant)
  • Hness CB350 DLX
  • Hness CB350 DLX Pro
  • Hness CB350 Legacy Edition

The base variant starts at an attractive ex-showroom price of ₹2.10 lakh (prices may vary depending on location). The DLX, DLX Pro, and Legacy Edition offer additional features like a chrome finish, backrest, and slightly higher pricing.

Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Mileage and Fuel Efficiency:

The Hness CB350 boasts an ARAI certified mileage of 45.8 kmpl, making it a fuel-efficient option for everyday commuting and long-distance rides. However, real-world mileage can vary depending on riding conditions and traffic. Owner reports suggest a mileage range of 35-40 kmpl, which is still quite respectable for a motorcycle in this segment.

Engine and Performance:

The Hness CB350 gets its grunt from a 348.36cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces a maximum power of 21 PS at 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 30 Nm at 3,000 rpm. While the power figures might not seem earth-shattering, the engine delivers a smooth and refined power delivery, perfect for relaxed cruising and navigating city streets. The engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission that offers a comfortable gear shifting experience.

Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Features and Safety:

The Honda Hness CB350 packs a surprising amount of features for its price range. Here are some key highlights:

  • Dual Channel ABS: Ensures optimal braking performance and prevents wheel lockup during emergency braking situations.
  • Assist and Slipper Clutch (ASC): This technology makes gear changes smoother and prevents rear wheel lockup during downshifts, enhancing rider comfort and safety.
  • Semi-Digital Instrument Cluster: Provides a clear view of essential riding information like speed, fuel level, odometer, and trip meter.
  • LED Headlight (optional): Enhances nighttime visibility and adds a touch of modern flair (available in higher variants).
Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Design and Comfort:

The Honda Hness CB350’s design is its calling card. It draws inspiration from classic motorcycles with its round headlamp, chrome accents, and teardrop-shaped fuel tank. The riding posture is upright and relaxed, making it comfortable for long rides. The seat height of 800mm might be a consideration for shorter riders, but Honda offers aftermarket seats to address this.

Who is the Honda Hness CB350 For?

The Honda Hness CB350 caters to a wide range of riders, including:

  • New riders seeking a manageable and easy-to-ride motorcycle.
  • Experienced riders who appreciate a comfortable and fuel-efficient cruiser for relaxed cruising.
  • Commuters looking for a reliable and stylish two-wheeler for daily rides.
Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

The Honda Hness CB350 offers a compelling proposition for riders seeking a motorcycle that blends timeless design with modern features and performance. Its comfortable riding position, decent fuel economy, and attractive pricing make it a strong contender in the middleweight cruiser segment. If you’re looking for a motorcycle that prioritizes comfort, classic looks, and a pleasurable riding experience, the Honda Hness CB350 is definitely worth considering.

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