Honda Bikes in India (2 Lakh – 5 Lakh): Features, Specs, Prices 2024

Honda Motorcycle Under 5 Lakh

Honda, a synonymous name with reliability and performance, offers a compelling range of motorcycles in India for riders seeking a bike between Rs 2 Lakh and Rs 5 Lakh (ex-showroom price). This segment caters to diverse needs, from stylish commuters to enthusiastic highway cruisers. Let’s delve into the world of Honda bikes in this price range, exploring their features, specifications, pricing, and everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

The Honda Lineup: A Diverse Blend

Honda’s offerings in the Rs 2 Lakh to Rs 5 Lakh segment boast a distinct personality for every rider. Here’s a breakdown of the popular options:

1. The CB Series (CB350, CB350RS):

Honda CB350RS
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

These middleweight motorcycles, launched in 2021, have quickly become crowd favorites. They pack a punch with a 348.36cc, single-cylinder engine, delivering a balance of power and fuel efficiency (around 42 kmpl). The CB350 boasts a classic roadster design, while the CB350RS adopts a cafe racer stance. Both offer comfortable ergonomics and a thrilling ride.

2. The Hness Series (Hness CB350, Hness CB350 DLX, Hness CB350 Legacy Edition):

Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Sharing the same engine platform as the CB Series, the Hness series takes a cruiser-inspired approach. Chrome accents, a relaxed seating position, and a headlight reminiscent of yesteryear classics define its aesthetics. The Hness series caters to riders who prioritize comfort and long-distance touring.

3. The CB300R:

Honda CB300R
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

This motorcycle is targeted at performance enthusiasts. Its 286cc, liquid-cooled engine produces a sporty 31 PS, ideal for navigating city streets and carving corners. The aggressive design, lightweight chassis, and inverted front forks promise a dynamic riding experience.

Features and Technology

Honda equips its bikes with a range of features to enhance rider experience and safety. Here are some common highlights:

  • Digital instrument cluster: Provides vital information like speed, fuel level, odometer, and trip meter readings.
  • LED headlamps and taillights: Improve visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS): Prevents wheel lock-up during hard braking, enhancing control.
  • Fuel injection: Ensures smoother power delivery and better fuel efficiency.
  • Assist and slipper clutch (on CB300R): Reduces clutch lever effort and prevents rear wheel lock-up during downshifts.
Honda Hness CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Price Range and On-Road Price Variation

Here’s a table outlining the ex-showroom price range for each Honda motorcycle in this segment:

ModelEx-showroom Price (Approx., Rs.)
CB3501.99 Lakh – 2.17 Lakh
CB350RS2.14 Lakh – 2.19 Lakh
Hness CB3502.09 Lakh – 2.16 Lakh
Hness CB350 DLX2.43 Lakh – 2.48 Lakh
Hness CB350 Legacy Edition2.51 Lakh
CB300R2.40 Lakh

Important Note: On-road prices can vary depending on factors like state taxes, registration charges, and insurance. It’s recommended to visit your nearest Honda dealership for the exact on-road price in your city.

Honda CB350
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Choosing the Right Honda Bike for You

With its diverse offerings, Honda caters to a wide range of riding preferences. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Riding Style: Do you prioritize comfort for long rides (Hness series) or a sporty, aggressive stance (CB300R)?
  • Power and Performance: Do you seek raw power (CB300R) or a balance of power and fuel efficiency (CB350 series, Hness series)?
  • Features: Consider the importance of features like ABS, digital instrument cluster, and slipper clutch.
  • Budget: Set a realistic budget and compare on-road prices across different models and variants.
Honda CB350RS
Image Credits: Honda BigWing

Test Ride and Ownership Experience

Honda motorcycles are renowned for their reliability and low maintenance costs. Always opt for a test ride to get a feel for the bike’s ergonomics, handling, and power delivery. Read online reviews and connect with Honda bike owners to understand their ownership experiences.

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