Triumph Tiger 900 GT, Rally Pro steal spotlight at India Bike Week

The anticipation has come to an end as Triumph Motorcycles steals the spotlight at India Bike Week, unveiling the much-awaited 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 GT and Tiger 900 Rally Pro. This dynamic duo has enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, and with bookings now open, the road to exhilaration awaits, promising deliveries set to commence in March 2024.

Engineered Dominance: The Heart of the 2024 Tiger 900

At the core of the 2024 Triumph Tiger 900 is an updated 888cc, inline 3-cylinder engine, a true testament to Triumph’s commitment to power and performance. Generating an impressive 107 BHP @ 9,500 rpm and 90 Nm @ 6,850 rpm, this beast of an engine is flawlessly paired with a responsive 6-speed gearbox, ensuring a seamless and powerful riding experience.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT

Triumph’s innovative approach is evident in the engine’s design, featuring a T-plane crank and offset firing intervals. This not only enhances tractability at lower rev ranges but also sets the stage for a 13% increase in power compared to its predecessor. The Tiger 900 promises not just power but also higher torque and a remarkable 9% improvement in fuel economy, aligning perfectly with the demands of the modern rider.

Riding Dynamics: Taming the Terrain with Precision

Diving into the riding dynamics, the Tiger 900 GT and Rally Pro offer riders a choice between two exceptional setups. The Tiger 900 GT boasts a 45 mm USD adjustable fork and an adjustable rear monoshock, delivering a sublime 180 mm and 170 mm of travel, respectively.

For those seeking an even more adventurous ride, the Rally Pro version steps up the game. Featuring a Showa 45 mm USD fork with an impressive 240 mm of travel and a rear monoshock offering 230 mm of wheel travel, it’s clear that Triumph has designed the Rally Pro with the most demanding terrains in mind.

Triumph Tiger 900 GT

Technological Marvel: A Glimpse into the Future

Triumph understands the importance of staying connected on the road, and the 2024 Tiger 900 reflects this commitment with a brand-new 7-inch TFT screen, reminiscent of the Tiger 1200 but with added Bluetooth connectivity. This cutting-edge display not only provides vital riding information but also opens up a world of possibilities for seamless integration with other devices.

In a nod to rider comfort, the seat height of the Tiger 900 has been elevated by 10 mm. The GT version offers a range of 820-840 mm, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride, while the Rally Pro takes it a step further with a height range of 860-880 mm, catering to riders who crave an elevated perspective of their surroundings.

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