Bajaj Freedom 125: World’s First CNG Motorcycle Launched in India

Bajaj Freedom 125

Bajaj Auto has revolutionized the two-wheeler market with the launch of the Bajaj Freedom 125, the world’s first CNG-powered motorcycle. This innovative offering allows riders to switch between petrol and CNG for a greener and more economical ride. With its focus on reduced fuel costs and lower emissions, the Freedom 125 is a game-changer for Indian commuters, addressing their key concerns.

Pioneering CNG Technology for Motorcycles

The Bajaj Freedom 125 marks a significant shift in motorcycle technology. Unlike traditional petrol-powered bikes, the Freedom 125 boasts a dual-fuel system, seamlessly switching between petrol and CNG with a button press. This groundbreaking technology offers a path towards a cleaner and more economical future for motorcycling in India and around the world.

Bajaj Freedom 125
Image Credits: Youtube/ Bajaj Freedom

Multiple Variants and Competitive Pricing

The Bajaj Freedom 125 caters to diverse preferences with three variants: NG04 Disc LED, NG04 Drum LED, and NG04 Drum. The LED variants offer a wider color palette (five options) compared to the non-LED Drum variant (two colors). Prices start competitively at Rs 95,000 for the base variant, making CNG technology accessible to a broader range of riders.

Fuel Efficiency and Safety at the Forefront

The Freedom 125 prioritizes both fuel efficiency and safety. While the petrol tank is relatively small (2 liters), likely intended for reserve purposes, the CNG delivers an impressive mileage of 213 kilometers per kilogram, making it a highly cost-effective choice for everyday commutes.

Bajaj Auto has demonstrably prioritized safety during the development process. The company showcased 11 rigorous safety tests, including a remarkable “truck rollover test” where the CNG tank remained intact under immense pressure.

Bajaj Freedom 125
Image Credits: Youtube/ Bajaj Freedom

Aligning with India’s Economic and Environmental Goals

The Bajaj Freedom 125 aligns perfectly with India’s focus on reducing dependence on imported crude oil and promoting alternative fuels. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, present at the launch, emphasized the importance of achieving these goals while acknowledging the automobile industry’s contribution to the nation’s economic growth and job creation. He further highlighted India’s position as the world’s third-largest automobile market and his vision for a five trillion-dollar Indian economy.

The Bajaj Freedom 125 has the potential to disrupt the two-wheeler landscape in India and beyond. Its innovative CNG technology, coupled with fuel efficiency, affordability, and safety features, makes it a compelling proposition for eco-conscious riders seeking an economical commuting solution.

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