Honda Prelude Sportscar at Japan Mobility Show 2023

Honda's Japan Mobility Show reveal

Prelude nameplate resurrection, not NSX replacement.

Prelude Concept

Labeled 'production-intent,' hinting at an imminent road-ready version.

Larger Prelude

New Prelude Concept breaks tradition, adopting a larger, modern car design.

Toyota Resemblance

Front design resembles Toyota with sharp headlights and LED light bar.

Sporty Bumper

Sporty lower bumper with black mesh and blue design element.

Classic Elegance

Classic-inspired side profile with black mirrors, flush handles, and angular panels.

Performance Clues

Gloss black wheels, blue calipers hint at high performance.

Sleek Fusion

Distinct roofline fuses Porsche 911 and Hyundai Ioniq 6 styling.

Sporty rear

LED bar, black lip spoiler, and gloss bumper.

Thrilling Prelude

Honda touts Prelude Concept as 'sporty' with thrilling driving experience.

Prelude Concept

Electric, but powertrain details remain undisclosed.

Future Updates

Ongoing development hints at future information release for the model.

Classic Revival

Prelude's revival aligns with the trend of classic model resurrections.

Modern Departure

Prelude Concept departs from tradition, adapting to the evolving auto industry.

Exciting Unveiling

Honda's Japan Mobility Show surprise generates excitement for Prelude Concept.