Reliance Jio introduces JioMotive: Transform your car into a smart vehicle

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Reliance Jio introduces JioMotive: Transform your car into a smart vehicle

JioMotive (2023)


This OBD device allows you to transform your car into a smart vehicle effortlessly.

In today's fast-paced world, technology is continually evolving, and this evolution extends to our automobiles. With advancements in connectivity and smart technology, our cars are no longer just modes of transportation; they are becoming an integral part of our digital lives. Reliance Jio, a leading name in the telecommunications industry, has taken a significant step in this direction with the launch of their innovative product - JioMotive. This easy-to-install OBD (Outbound Dialer) device promises to make your car 'smart' in just a matter of minutes.

Unveiling JioMotive

Reliance JioMotive is a game-changer in the automotive industry. It is designed to cater to car enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals who wish to bring the latest advancements in vehicle technology to their older or base model cars. With the JioMotive device, you can have access to a plethora of smart features without the need for complex rewiring or expensive modifications.

The official press release from Reliance Digital states, "Most smartphone models these days come with internet connectivity, allowing users to access insights into their car’s internals, including location, engine health, and even driving performance. But what if you drive an older or a base model new vehicle? Thanks to JioMotive, you can now have these smart features in your car without any critical re-wiring."

JioMotive (2023)

Key Features

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

JioMotive offers the incredible feature of real-time vehicle tracking. You can monitor your vehicle's location and movement instantly, even when it is not with you and is being used by a friend or a family member. This feature provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind for car owners.

e-SIM Connectivity

The device seamlessly shares data with your existing mobile data plan through the Jio Everywhere Connect Plan, effectively eliminating the need for an additional SIM card or data plan. This means you can stay connected with your car's data, anytime and anywhere, without any hassle.

Geo Fencing

Geo Fencing is another impressive feature of JioMotive. Car owners can set up virtual boundaries or areas on the map. You will receive alerts when your four-wheeler passes these predefined boundaries, allowing you to keep a close watch on its movement. This feature is particularly useful for tracking your car's whereabouts, whether it's with a family member, a friend, or a valet.

Time Fence

The Time Fence feature sends notifications if your car is turned 'on' during specific time periods. This feature is particularly useful for ensuring that your car is not being driven without your knowledge, especially during off-hours. It adds an extra layer of security and control to your vehicle.

JioMotive (2023)

Health Status Monitoring

JioMotive provides valuable insights into your vehicle's health. You can monitor and assess the overall well-being of your car, allowing you to take proactive steps to maintain its performance and longevity.

Trip Tracker and Driving Performance Analysis

For driving enthusiasts, JioMotive offers a comprehensive trip tracking and driving performance analysis feature. You can gain valuable insights into your driving habits, including data on acceleration, braking, and fuel efficiency. This feature is not only informative but also a great tool for enhancing your driving skills.

Easy Setup Process

One of the most attractive aspects of JioMotive is its 'plug and play' setup. You can install it yourself without the need for an expert. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, ensuring that you can start enjoying the smart features of your car within minutes.

Affordable Pricing

Now, let's talk about the affordability of JioMotive. On Reliance Digital's website, this incredible OBD device is priced at just ₹4999. This pricing reflects a substantial discount of 58% on the original MRP of ₹11,999. Reliance Jio is making smart car technology accessible to a broader audience without breaking the bank.