Goodyear elevates Avon tyres: A new era for motorcycle enthusiast

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Goodyear elevates Avon tyres: A new era for motorcycle enthusiast

Goodyear Elevates Avon Tyres


The integration of Avon Tyres into the Goodyear group of brands is a promising development for the motorcycle industry.

The motorcycle industry has witnessed a historic alliance as Avon Tyres, one of the most esteemed brands in the business, found a new home under the expansive umbrella of the Goodyear group of brands in 2022. This strategic integration has breathed fresh life into Avon, heralding a future of innovation and excellence for this venerable tire brand. With Avon now sharing a stage with the renowned Dunlop brand in Europe, riders across the continent can look forward to an even more comprehensive and high-quality tire selection.

This move marks a significant shift for Avon Tyres, which has a rich legacy dating back to 1885. The brand has earned a steadfast reputation for producing tires that cater to the unique needs of motorcycle enthusiasts. Goodyear's acquisition of Avon ushers in a new era of focus and innovation, strengthening the portfolio of motorcycle tires available to European riders.

The revamped Avon lineup now boasts an impressive array of tires designed to cater to various riding styles and preferences. Among the star offerings is the Cobra Chrome tire, purpose-built for cruiser and custom bikes, epitomizing Avon's commitment to providing exceptional performance across different segments of the motorcycle market. Additionally, the popular Roadrider MKII joins the lineup, offering riders a complementary choice alongside Dunlop's formidable sports touring range.

The commitment to excellence doesn't end here. Avon continues to manufacture its well-received 3D SUPERSPORT hypersport tire, the Spirit ST and Streetrunner sport touring products, Trailrider and Trekrider for adventure seekers, Safety Mileage MKII and Speedmaster MKII for classic designs, and the Viper Stryke, catering to the ever-growing scooter market. By retaining these key designs, Avon ensures that it remains a dependable and popular choice for riders, complementing the wide-ranging Dunlop offerings that span from off-road to hypersport tires.

This strategic move by Goodyear reinforces its commitment to creating a dynamic and versatile tire lineup for motorcycle enthusiasts, ensuring that European riders can find the perfect tire for their needs, no matter their style of riding.

One key element in Goodyear's long-term strategy is the further development of its motorcycle center of excellence in Montlucon, France. This facility has played a pivotal role in the development of premium products within the Dunlop range, including World Championship level racing tires used in prestigious events like Moto2™ and the FIM Endurance World Championship. The integration of Avon into Goodyear's family of brands paves the way for cross-pollination of expertise, technologies, and innovations, promising riders even more advanced and high-performance options.

Ben Hoge, General Manager, Motorcycle Europe, Goodyear, underscored the significance of this merger, saying, “Dunlop and Avon have proud histories and exciting futures. The ranges are highly complementary and meaningfully differentiated, so this gives us the opportunity to offer a wider selection of tires, with one of the youngest product portfolios in the industry, to the trade and riders alike. As we plan for 2024 and beyond, we will reveal new product lines, technology upgrades, and clear market positioning for both brands.”

Beyond the world of motorcycles, Avon's presence in Goodyear's brand portfolio extends into the passenger vehicle segment. This demonstrates Goodyear's commitment to maintaining the Avon brand's legacy and innovation across various domains.

The integration of Avon Tyres into the Goodyear group of brands is a promising development for the motorcycle industry. European riders can now look forward to an expanded range of exceptional tires, with the combined expertise and heritage of Avon and Dunlop driving innovation. With new product lines and technology upgrades on the horizon, 2024 and beyond hold the promise of even greater excitement and performance for motorcycle enthusiasts. This historic partnership reaffirms the commitment of Goodyear to delivering cutting-edge tires across various segments, ensuring that the Avon brand continues to thrive in the ever-evolving world of two-wheeled adventures.