Delhi enforces strict pollution measures: 4,700 vehicle owners fined recently

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Delhi enforces strict pollution measures: 4,700 vehicle owners fined recently

Air Pollution Delhi


Delhi's resolute response to the escalating pollution crisis is evident in the robust enforcement of Stage IV of the Graded Response Action Plan.

In the wake of soaring pollution levels in the national capital, the Delhi Traffic Police has wielded its authority, issuing a staggering 4,700 challans to vehicle owners caught driving without a Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate in the past four days. This surge in enforcement aligns with the initiation of Stage IV of the Centre's pollution control plan, known as the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP). As the air quality in Delhi plummeted to the 'severe plus' category, the city took swift and decisive action to mitigate the environmental crisis.

Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) in Action

Stage IV Restrictions

The Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) is a comprehensive strategy that categorizes actions into four stages based on the Air Quality Index (AQI). With Stage IV now in force, the city has imposed stringent measures, including the prohibition of all construction work and the entry of polluting trucks into the urban landscape. This multifaceted approach underscores the severity of the environmental challenges faced by the bustling metropolis.

Stringent Penalties for Violators

PUC Certificate Violations

Delhi's crackdown on air pollution extends to penalizing vehicle owners without a valid PUC certificate. A total of 4,785 challans were issued for this violation alone, emphasizing the city's commitment to enforcing pollution control measures. The Motor Vehicles Act stipulates a hefty Rs 20,000 challan for those found driving old diesel or petrol vehicles and trucks carrying non-essential material.

Other Violations

The enforcement drive didn't stop at PUC violations. A total of 4,482 challans and 4,207 notices were issued for improper parking, with 1,496 vehicles towed away. The authorities demonstrated their resolve by issuing 814 challans to BS-III petrol vehicles and 3,656 BS-IV diesel vehicles. Additionally, 495 challans were issued for driving against traffic flow, and 12 for carrying uncovered construction and demolition waste.

Daily Statistics Reflecting the Crackdown

Monday's Enforcement Highlights

On Monday alone, 1,163 challans were issued to vehicle owners driving without a valid PUC certificate. Simultaneously, three old diesel and petrol vehicles faced fines for environmental non-compliance. The relentless efforts of the Delhi Traffic Police are evident in the comprehensive enforcement actions, reflecting the urgency of tackling air pollution.

Parking Violations and Traffic Flow

Monday saw 973 challans for obstructive or improper parking, accompanied by 767 notices, and a notable 314 vehicles towed away by traffic cranes. Driving against the flow of traffic and no-entry violations also drew attention, resulting in 102 and 813 challans, respectively. This meticulous scrutiny demonstrates the city's commitment to ensuring not only air quality but also traffic discipline.

Tactical Traffic Management

Rigorous Vehicle Checks

Traffic police conducted thorough checks on 1,045 vehicles, asserting their commitment to enforcing environmental and traffic regulations. Of these, 427 vehicles were turned back, highlighting the stringent approach adopted. Only vehicles carrying essential commodities with valid permissions were granted passage, underlining the essential role of compliance in this intensified phase of pollution control.

Specific Vehicle Violations

Beyond PUC certificate violations, the authorities targeted specific vehicles contributing significantly to pollution. Notably, 202 BS-III petrol vehicles and 1,027 BS-IV diesel vehicles faced fines, reinforcing the message that all vehicles must adhere to emission standards for the collective well-being of Delhi's residents.